Is the person in the IB icon flipping the bird?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by JangoFolly, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. If yes, to whom?
  2. lol i have always wondered that. I think the bird is to MBT and Etrade :cool:
  3. he's saying f.u. to all ya daytraders outta.
  4. MR.NBBO


    It's an office joke around here.....we love & hate that IB icon.

    Trade bust: (Think) IB icon

    TWS probs: (Think) IB icon

    We school the specialist on the floor: (Think) IB icon

    etc, etc, etc, :p
  5. def

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    it's actually a trader signaling a one lot. at the time IB started offering services to retai we came out with comissions that were the same as professionals could obtain. the one lot signifies a leveling of the playing field.
  6. Man don't spoil it. I was grooving on it - totally. I mean, how cool is that? Your broker's icon showing a trader flipping the birdie!!!

    PS. You might have to consider turning the artificial-dude's wrist slightly clockwise 'cause the index finger signaling the 1-lot really looks more like the raised middle finger in an exchange of pleasantries :D
  7. NKNY


    He's just foretelling all our futures when daytrading....It's a subliminal message....."Quit before you get F@#KED":D
  8. LOL.

    I will adopt this salute when i make my 1st million trading.

  9. yes. the full(of shit) service brokers.
  10. Of course. He's saying, “Up yours! We've got the books!”
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