Is the party over ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by indahook, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Double top in the S+P....

    New 52 low in the VIX....

    Teetering on it`s 50 day simple....

    Finally the summertime doldrums set in?

    Thought we were in for another run for the top yesterday. Bought SPX 985 sept calls for 27....sold them for 31 today because the action sucked.

    I will be using this poll as a contrarian indicator :D
  2. Guees you will be going LONG soon!

  3. How can the party be over? The party is continous. Up or down, setups appear.
  4. dbphoenix


    And a range expansion day in the futures.

    Business as usual.


    The party has ended for most, and has just begun for many.

    There's nothing worse than being one of the last people to show up at a party, and then picking up the tab after everyone has left the party.

    The market speaks, listen to it.
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    The party doesn't even begin until the kids have gone to bed :p
  7. Very true indeed. But it is not always a party.
  8. You want to win every time?

    p.s. If the other guy doesnt win once in a while he will stop playing.
  9. in spx.x. Tomorrow will be vip, we do have some seasonal considerations to go with major league profit taking....... at first it was hard to see with all the rumors this afternoon, but make no mistake their was vicious size selling ....none of which bode well for prices. I think the market can get absolutely
    spanked tomorrow (Ill be looking to fade the first move if its up):cool:


    My son won't get to bed until 10pm, and then he'll wake up at 3:30am. :)
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