Is the Obama Admin the biggest group of Amateurs Ever?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Steelers Baby, Dec 30, 2009.

Is it amateur hour in the Whitehouse right now

  1. Yes, Obama admin is the biggest group of amateurs i have ever seen.

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  2. No, Obama admin is doing the job perfectly so far.

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  1. Its amateur hour at the whitehouse right now and everybody knows it. I have never seen an administration make more amateur mistakes then this one has. This is glaringly obvious to everyone in the world except the Dems who are still trying to convince everyone they are racist, for pointing out the ridiculous mistakes this administration is making.

    This is what the U.S. has been reduced to. China is literally taunting Obama as is Russia. Stupid Bitch Janet Napolitano thinks she has done her job when a civilian takes down a terrorist who managed to board a plane, Obama takes three days to even address it.

    Obama manages to insult the police force, jump to conclusions there, he wont except the fact that a devout muslim who shoots up forthood singing allah hu akbar is a terrorist.

    Insults Handicap people on Leno. Has to bribe his own party to get a healthcare bill passed which will make everybodies premiums skyrocket. Insists on putting through all of his tax increases amidst one of the worst economies in history.

    He manages to do all this while getting a complete free pass from the left wing media.

    I have never in my life seen a president make more amateur mistakes than this one has, he will go down in history as a worse president then Carter and there is no way he will make it to 8 years. The problem is that 4 years from now it is going to take an extremely far right conservative to fix all of his fuckups.
  2. Frankly Obama has my vote to run the United Nations. Obama is a wanna be Kofi Annan.
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    Wanna be is right. Kofi has more political savvy though. And The One still has some idealism left, Kofi has none. You really gotta burn through any shred of hope of change to be the UN Boss. Even Carter hasn't burned out his idealism yet. Clinton might. The One could, takes a lot of years and he has those to work through - we'll see.
  4. What we are seeing now is that the Obama admin has absolutely zero political saavy, he just had one hell of a campaign manager and speech writer. It is hard to imagine that this is the same guy who was on the campaign trail a little over a year ago. If this was a right winger he would have been totally screwed right now. Even with the left wing media on his side, his mistakes are so glaringly obvious that they are easily visible to everyone.

    There is so many mistakes i can hardly Remember them all, just now remembering Rev. Wright, That alone should have proven how inept he would be as president, when he did not realise attending a church which is that controversial would be a problem for him down the road. What about Van Jones, and Anita Dunn as well, It is just a non stop barrage of stupid mistakes,and it is happening on a weekly basis.
  5. not only are they amateurs but they're also fucking stupid as shit

    there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that america will fail miserably
  6. I fully agree with you, they are by far the most dangerous breed of idiots....The kind who fully believe in their head, (contrary to results) that they know what they are doing, and what is best for everyone. I would be amazed if the U.S. is not a third world country by the time they are through with it.
  7. You must have been in a cave the last several years . . . The United States has already become a third world country after all of Bush's incompetency . . . or did you somehow miss out on the complete demise and bailout of the US financial system via his Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson?
  8. I take it you have never been to countries like vietnam or Cambodia, or been to any of the countries in Africa (most likely due to the fact you are a racist) and witnessed real poverty first hand. If you think what is going on in the States right now is even close then you are sorely mistaken.

    When will you learn to grow up and figure it out that Bush is no longer in office, and Obama and his administration is Like the Bush admin on Steroids in terms of the damage they are doing.

    They are systematically taking this country apart, and the new year will be very telling of the damage they are doing when small business (who is already hurting) is faced with the cost of alot of these garbage policies which are being enacted right now. I would be shocked if the Obama admin is able to bring down unemployment in the new year at all with out throwing a trillion dollars at the situation. As every single policy he has taken so far is very much against small business.

    Please for future reference don't respond to any of my threads as i try not to make it a habit of engaging people who are racist and have no ability to think critically for themselves.