Is the NY Traders Expo 2013 going to be a happening place this year?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Math_Wiz, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. gaj


    well, i was planning on going down there - registered and everything - but i have family things to do each day that are more important to me.

    there are some beneficial things to newer traders and i've met a few full-time individual traders there, which was good. there are a few traders online that, if i knew they were going, i'd want to get together with.

    it was also good to meet representatives from some of my trading firms, software packages, etc. in person..and also to find information from some of the clearing firms.

    but my main reason why i go to it is to pop in for a few hours, and then later get together with friends of mine who are in or near the city.

    there are some shady people at the expo, but i've seen shadiness everywhere, including here.

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  2. I'm going to Larry Williams' seminar. Looking forward to it!
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  3. lwlee


    First time I've ever been cold-called by the Expo. They must be pretty desperate. The simple fact is that there isn't anything worthwhile to see anymore.
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  4. what they say to you? begging you to attend??
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  5. lwlee


    I didn't answer. They called twice, left message, asked if I was coming to the event.

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  6. I should clarify: trading for $$ is alive and well. It's the sport of at-home gambling that has been rather dead for awhile. A majority of men who aspire to be traders really want the fantasy lifestyle they imagine... trade-trade-trade = win-win-win excitement, thrill, satisfaction, prestige, bragging rights, status... etc.

    But for men and women who focus on the money side more than all the ego stuff? Sessions like today still come often enough to make a calendar month worthwhile. Just more patience & discipline needed now than ever before.
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