Is the NY Traders Expo 2013 going to be a happening place this year?

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  1. On the Moneyshow website, on the schedule for the Expo (which is happening Sun-Mon-Tues next week), they certainly have alot of speaker slots "TBA" (to-be-announced). Are they always this late getting the schedule up for the show?

    Also, I don't see anyone at Elitetrader talking about the Expo yet for this year. A search for "expo" at Elitetrader produces NO RESULTS for 2013. Absolutely NO traders at Elitetrader are talking about the expo! I find that hard to believe!

    So I'm left wondering if the Expo this year is going to be a flop compared to prior years?

    Any thoughts?

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  2. I am not attending this year--- first time since 2000--- the first few were great, then 2007 with the surf fest at our club at the top of 666 fifth ave was epic --- but the expo itself became really overwhelmed with FX dealers and other fast buck artists rather than serious market knowledge. Even the swag became awful. One use to leave the place with 4 to 7 nice polo shirts,t shirts , caps, hats and all kinda goodies ( still have my Nasdaq shirts ski cap and hat) . Last one I attended you were lucky to get a free pen or a glass of water. Vendor jokers trying to tease desperate poor folks with 100$ bills on fishing line and similar trash really ticked me off. Real traders use to attend, but recently it's become a weird geriatric daycare center with a high percentage of the really really infirmed & elderly. Not to mention more true crazies than I have seen in one year last time than all the years combined. In other words, in my opinion, it's lost all value and is a waste of $$ /time to attend. surf
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    I've been saying this for years: Going to an expo like that is pointless because ET is an expo EVERY DAY. We have some knowledgeable traders and teachers here trying to share what they know, we have newer traders getting together to network with each other, and we have sponsors displaying their offerings in an effort to get some new business.

    Those physical trader expos are going the way of the dinosaur, especially since they've decided to partner with so many questionable industry personalities.
  5. Amen, brother baron.
  6. The game of trading is dead. I believe 90% of the men who ever dabbled with trading at all were more interested in the excitement, challenge and gaming aspect than they ever were serious about money.

    It is mostly that crew who spend all their hobby time in message boards, attend expos, etc. Same ones who cry about markets closed during holidays, emergency storms, etc and wish they could trade 24/7/365.

    Now that the VIX is back to 2006 historical lows, all those bang-bang scalper-gamblers are toasted out and gone. It's too bad, we do miss their easy money flowing into our accounts. But now trading for money is about catching one modest move per day and shut it down until tomorrow.

    Ideally the US stock and also crude oil markets would be open from 10am to 2pm est Monday thru Thursday with no overnight globex at all period, and Fri - Sun as a three-day weekend. Then we'd have ideal trading conditions and even better living conditions for everyone :cool:
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    Doesn't sound very hopeful, guys... Bummer!


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    well it or not ,but as some people are saying on ET-adapt or die :)
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    Trading is not dead. Traditional trading techniques are dead. At some point any trader, young or old, must realize this and get off their ass to identify and develop a new edge. Opportunities in the markets always abound. It's just a matter of whether you're smart enough and work hard enough to exploit them.
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