Is the market rally predicting a democratic win?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by futures_shark, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. This occured to me today...might just be another random thought.

    During the massive bull of the '90's there was a democratic president and a republican congress which resulted in a lot of gridlock and washington doing relatively nothing...which is GOOD.

    In this case the roles are reversed but definitely a situation for a lot of partisan bickering and no action.

    Except for the gridlock scenario...I would otherwise think democratic control of congress would be bad for the market (and the people)
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    Is the market rally predicting a democratic win?

    nope, a Republican win.........

    If the democrats take it the markets are headed down.
  3. The likelihood of the GOP maintaining control of the House has gone from a 57% bet on Tradesports to 32 cents in the past two weeks. Foley seems to be the last straw.

    Index futures have rallied during this period while Treasuries have taken a hit.

    The market expects Bush to be using that formally non-exercised veto power a great deal the next two years. As soon as the market realizes the reality, that Bush is willing to kowtow to Dems on certain taxation issues, then we'll hiccup.