Is the market open today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by high99, Aug 17, 2012.

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    My chart looks like the EKG of a dead person.
  2. lol yesterday was okay but other than that, this whole week sucked
  3. high99


    I'm trading the ES mini. Currently it's up a whole .25 I'm up $37.00 for the day. BFD.
  4. bonds


    Maybe the PPT will come in and pump some life into the market the last hour
  5. answer is YES but everyone is asleep.
  6. so if robots control the market then why do they slack off on fridays in august?

  7. NoDoji


    The robots were all told they were going on vacation and would be temporarily shut down during the trip. So what's happening now is what it would be like all the time if only small traders were trading against each other.

    Little do those robots know that they're being taken to Massive Consolidated Professional Trading Robot Edge Adjustment, Inc. to be reprogrammed to more efficiently screw all the small traders because...

    ...everyone in unison, on the count of three...


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    Thanks for the link. I could never figure out what time other markets opened. We don't have daylight savings time, so that throws everything off as well. Thanks much.
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    No Worries, I'll be back in September

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