Is the market manipulated?

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  1. plain and simple answer -yes it is ,the news manipulated to create certain direction in the market ,I witnessed that numerous times and have no doubt about that
  2. yes his name is ben and he works at the fed.

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  4. Friday's action reeks of manipulation.. TWICE the $SPX wanted to roll over and "something" caused it to reverse course. Looks fishy.
  5. If you think that the market is manipulated than I think you have to agree that those who manipulate it have to try to get as much profit from is as possible.

    And if you agree that the market is manipulated, what analysis should be used? technical, fundamental, or just flip the coin?
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    You can cry about manipulation, you can fade it and lose your ass or you can take advantage of it. What would a trader do?
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    Whine about it on EliteTrader while losing his lunch money.
  8. Absolutely manipulated by federal and central bank governments across the world.
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    Yeah I never understand these threads. Manipulated markets are the easiest to trade. Markets that are just random are very hard to trade. If I knew that a football team was going to throw a game and Vegas had the line at -3 for the team that was going to throw it, why wouldn't you bet against them?

    And why wouldn't technical analysis work on manipulated markets? Technical analysis is based on the observation of buyers and sellers. It doesn't matter who the buyers or sellers are. So if the Fed or anyone else is the buyer then that should show up on your charts.

    I just don't understand this argument. Maybe someone can walk me through it and explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old.
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