Is the market in an uptrend now??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jayre, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. jayre


    Should I go long the market or short? Was it a dad cat bounce or a reversal?
  2. No one knows, anyone claiming the contrary is talking crap.

  3. Lucrum


    In what time frame?
  4. Tomorrow is a key day. If it's up, the market going to 14000; down, the market going to 5000.
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    Nice round numbers.

    Since tomorrow is a key day, give me the key and you should be locked up for your own safety.:cool:
  6. Just go with the flow .
  7. jayre


    Untill the end of the week or end of month? My question is to the people here that "trade with the trend" and claim to know when we are an uptrend and downtrend... I myself have no clue.
  8. jayre


    That's the question, where is the flow "now"?
  9. ==========
    yes i like trend study a lot, but seldom use the word ''know'',
    when it come to trends. I Prefer Probabilities, as a key words.

    SPY,DIA are below 200 & 50 day moving average;
    & have been for some time,an important institutional bench m,arks.[IBD, others & Make Money Selling stocks Short, by IBD founder.]

    So no;
    not an uptrend by most measures, & i like a good uptrend, like gold,GLD, which is uptrending, by most measaures...........

    However MSFT closed above 50day moving average, may close above 200dma, Strong seasonals may favor MSFT, this quarter.

    2001 Stock Traders Almanac, calls[not a prediction]. OCT a ''bear killer''

    Frankly i wouldnt care how many or how much the shorts make on MSFT, this quarter;
    BAC, C sector looks like a better downtrend/beartrend .Not a prediction.
    Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool: :D
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