is the market ever going to go down

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  1. hey ive always been a bear... and it seems like lately shit is going up every single day... and i've lost hope, should i take a contrarian position against myself, is it normal for me to lose hope like that?

    there has been no day this year where we've been down more than a percent, thats not normal.
  2. It's basically a carbon copy of what we saw following the announcement of QE2 back in the fall of 2010. Take a look at that chart, same thing.
  3. No.

    The reason is one of

    a) manipulation

    b) the FED is buying all the SPY to hide how bad the world economy is.

    c) Obama's friends (wallstreet - isn't that a surprise - no convictions) are buying everything to ensure he gets back in.

    d) all of the above
  4. LOL
  5. here we go up again, i hope this year the market goes up by 100%
  6. empee


    so why would it stop now or this year?
  7. If RB futs and CL futs keep going up it will really hurt numbers around the world and that will make the market go down.

    But with the FED buying ES contracts they will keep prices elevated. IF oil stays elevated watch out below. 2008 similarities.
  8. You know, not long ago the Zimbabwe market used to go up 1000's of % per year...
  9. market has been so easy to make 5 figures a day, Im almost embarrassed to take the money.
  10. i'm ashamed of myself too :(
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