Is the left wing Media shooting themselves in the foot again?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Is the left wing Media shooting themselves in the foot again?

    I usually bounce around from all the different news stations at night to try to find an interesting story, and i couldnt help but notice this. The first half hour on every single MSNBC program was all focused on ridiculing Bachmann. Looking at the polls i cant possibly believe, that they percieve Bachmann to be a threat.

    So essentially what the left wing media is doing is giving Romney, a free pass to the nomination. Bachmann really has no chance to beat Obama, and they are focusing 90% of their efforts on attacking her over every other candidate. They have no focus on Huntsman either who could be dangerous, if he was able to win the nomination.

    Bachmann is serving a very good cause right now, in absorbing all the vitriol the left wing media has to offer, it will be funny watching what happens when they realise they completely missed the mark, and Romney comes through the primary totally unscathed. If they cant really scar up romney in the primary, then the only thing the left wing media has to attack him on once it is down to him and Obama, is "Romney Care," In other words they lose their main bullet on Romney, cause the GOP aint gonna go crazy on him once he wins the nomination, it will be all hands on deck, to defeat Obama at that point. One of the reasons the president generally wins a second term is because the candidate challenging him has been bruised and battered in the primary leading up to the actual election, and Romney is going to come through clean as a whistle if this continues.

    I just find it funny watching these people who are supposed to be the "geniuses" using up every ounce of fight on a woman who has no chance.

    Romney must be loving the dynamic he sees going on in the media right now. He gets 1/10th the coverage, and he really doesnt even have to do or say much, he basically gets to sit there and watch it all go down, and in the last few months all he has to tap in a 2 foot putt to win the nomination, then he can get into a 1 on 1 fight with Obama and he really will not have had to take many punches along the way.

    Its just interesting watching this whole thing unfold.
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    One just needs to remember that NBC is owned by GE. The GE CEO is sleeping in the White House with Obama. Now, just connect the dots.


    Actually, I think Bachmann has a good shot at winning the GOP nomination. She is smart, energetic and her policies are mainstream GOP and TEA Party. I do think she could beat Obama even easier than Romney could. Romney has RomneyCare and some other socialist baggage.
  3. Conservative women are an existential threat to libturds because in addition to republicans and independents, they might get enough other women to vote for them to crush democraps.
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    I would stay home.

    I ain't votin for anyone who wears strange underwear.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    That would be a big mistake on your part. Romney isnt my first choice either, but if it is between Obama, and a businessman, who has vowed to try to repeal Obamacare, i will show up and make sure i tell as many people as i can to show up as well.
  6. I wouldn't sell Bachmann short. When the finance reports come out, she is going to shock the media with how much money she has raised. Republican primary voters have never been overly enthusiastic about Romney, and a significant percentage of them will not vote for him on religious grounds.

    I like Romney myself, but he was treated with kid gloves in the NH debate. He never got a question on his idiotic answer about global warming. He waffled big time on getting out of afghanistan and Libya abd avoiding such messes in the future. He strikes me as someone the media and democrats could intimidate because he is the sort of guy who hates being out of the perceived mainstream. I could easily see him agreeing to raise taxes like Bush senior did or agree to immigration "reform", ie amnesty.

    Bachmann by contrast is used to ridicule and abuse. In fact, she seems to relish it. I just can't see her selling her voters out, and to me, that is pretty important now.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    I agree, that i like her message, but i dont like her,personally and she will be destroyed by the media, we are in the first few weeks, and she is already being attacked relentlessly, you really think she will last for the next few months?

    Like i said earlier, she has a very useful purpose, and that purpose is getting the small government message out there and absorbing the full force of the vitriol from the left. Other than that shes dead in the water.

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    Nope. I can tell from the huge crowd wildly cheering her on as she announced her candidacy.

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