Is the job of being a judge just a bunch of nonsense?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Reason I ask is, if the supreme court justices vote down party lines on obamacare doesn't that basically make the job of "being a judge" mainly just a big joke?

    What good is law if it can be interpreted based on being liberal or conservative?
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    It is incredibly disturbing. More and more the liberals on SCOTUS vote the party line instead of the law. I think they have to believe the Constitution is a living document before a Democratic president will put them up for nomination. Especially our present one.
  3. just wanted to reiterate this thread from a while back.
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    It certainly feels that way when they rule contrary to your opinion.
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    Well, it's not nearly as important as starting a thread about it.
  7. but my fundamental point is correct it seems. interpreting law is no different than technical analysis, everybody sees it different and scholars view it as mainly junk science. :cool:
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    Fair enough. There is no cosmic umpire, we have to make Truth up as we go.
  9. Thats true and a life lesson.. learn to ride the political waves, dont stress yourself constantly swimming against them.
  10. How about a poll?
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