Is the job market currently that pathetic?

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    Anyone on the job market today? I am trying to land a job for almost 2 months atm and no success. That being said, hopefully it won't be too bold to claim that I have diverse economical knowledge, despite being relatively young (26...) and 2 degrees: one in economics and one in computational science. I don't see it getting any better, i guess looking for a job isn't the least no earlier than 2012.

  2. depends on the sector. Finance is toast right now. Engineering and science are doing well.
  3. Engineering ( construction) and any medical field are doing very well at the moment....
  4. If you are in NYC or Washington, apparently its 8x easier to get a job there than Riverside, Ca, Miami, Vegas, or Detroit.

    I would look into specializing in a career category that utilizes technology, not one that is based solely on technology, in order to save your job prospects. (i.e don't fall into a comp sci dead end path)

    Indian programmers run about 1/6 a US worker rate, and they have tons of experience that young grads will never get due to their work output, demand, and pricing in comparison to us programmers.
  5. When you live in a country where even a minimum wage fast food worker earns more money than 90% of the rest of the world, the job market is never pathetic.

    There are plenty of jobs available, just not always the types of jobs people want or expect. If you have a degree and you are trying to pigeonhole yourself into that specific field, then you might have some trouble in the short term, but it shouldnt be difficult to get a job if you are willing to take anything. (Including sales jobs)
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    I don't follow your logic. That is one of the reasons the job market is weak in the US. Wages are too high and as consequence many jobs have been exported to foreign countries or have been replaced with automated systems.
  7. Since employers prefer young workers, it may not be that bad for you. I can tell that it is horrible for the over 50 folks.
  8. If sales jobs provides minimum wage, there will competition for the jobs. Many sales u sell junk w/o base pay. You work for nothing.
  9. Where do you live (City/State)? Looking at only, I have yet to find less than 1000 job openings in any major city in the US. Now is it going to be your dream job? Probably not but there is money to made for those that are willing to work.
  10. create your own job? seems to me if you cant find one... make one..
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