is the income tax necessary in the US

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    Many of the rich won't pay nearly enough tax.
    A journalist last week nearly went to jail for whistle-blowing 2,000 fellow Greeks with Swiss Bank accounts.
    The burden is not shared equally and never has been. The rich share these morally dubious places along with the Mafia, foul dictators, etc. Great bed fellows !!
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    Actually the rich pay more money in income taxes than those who aren't rich.
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    IRS tax scheme/scam = slickest form of slavery the world has ever known.
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    If the richest State in the richest country on the planet paid their taxes they wouldn't be nearly bankrupt.

    The top accountants make a fortune out of tax avoidance schemes for the rich. Hiding their dosh offshore in hidey holes like Jersey, Antigua etc.

    They threaten to leave and take their business elsewhere. Well the politicians are likely to get handsomely rewarded for any favours too. That's life I regret to say.
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    How do you expect the State to pay for it's huge workforce etc. without income tax ? Haven't they borrowed enough already ? The $16 trillion debt is sort of been shoveled out of sight, out of mind ?

    Give the suckers more American Dream and blueberry pie ! You would think that they would catch on eventually. But no, every election out it comes with some more flag waving of course.

    Vote for change - anything but same ole Democraps or Retards imho
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    "How do you expect the State to pay for it's huge workforce etc"


    get rid of the "State" workforce.
    they will only be missed by the politicians and the welfare class.
  8. National sales/consumption tax of 20% would be revenue negative for a few years and then massive surplus. On all goods, including food. The fact is that we're 2x/3x/Nx taxed already.
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    Get rid of the military ? - hardly likely
    No Embassies, State dept ? - hardly likely
    CIA, NSA spooks etc. ? - hardly likely
    Bases abroad ? - hardly likely
    Police etc. ? - hardly likely

    well who then ?
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    The public sector is the most greedy of all. Currently all the public sector budgets add up to more than half the GNP in the US. The public sector never has enough money. I am quite certain that if they had the entire GNP going through their sticky fingers that it would not be enough.
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