Is the IBD 50 ETF underperforming the SPY a sign that growth stocks are priced more correctly now?

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  1. When IBD started tracking these stocks in 2003 they drastically outperformed the SPY. However, since the creation of the actual ETF 4 years ago, it's still underperforming the SPY. Is this a sign that CAN-SLIM is an outdated method to find stocks that can beat the market, because growth is more correctly reflected in a stock's price now? Since its inception, the ETF has been more volatile than the SPY (as expected), but there's been no trade off by out-performing, even with a SPY that's been up on average almost 9% per year during this period. One would expect the growth ETF to be up more when the SPY climbs higher than its historical average. We've seen a lot of methods that have worked in the past start to under-perform this decade, including the stock picks of Warren Buffett. I wonder if this is just the new normal as the explosion of available quantifiable data helps us price stocks more correctly.
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    Momentum in general has underperformed over the past 3-5 years. Overall positive market performance, but a couple of whipsaws hit stops and triggered sudden losses on the mo-mos. I have no opinion as to the future profitability of the IBD 50 or CANSLIM in general.

    Interestingly, the leading pure momentum ETF (MTUM) has moderately outperformed the S&P 500 over the same period. It was tracking pretty close with the IBD 50 ETF until December, then the IBD 50 stocks were absolutely crushed.
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    have said many times - value investing, in the traditional sense, is long dead.

    the name of the game is about grabbing market share... the way amzn does it.

    the canslim underperformance perhaps just a random event... fact is so-called value stocks have all that value already priced in.

    investors need to shift the mind set to the new game - technology.. computer speed doubling every 24 months.. AI revolution, big data.. the coming years/decades will not be about linear growth in the consumer economy... it's about technological exponential growth.
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    Instead of looking at the performance from the start date of the IBD 50,I took a look at
    the relative performance of the IBD 50 vs SPY from the 2/8/16 lows.The IBD 50 outperformed the SPY by apx 18 percent. That includes the 33% selloff of the IBD 50 vs the 15 percent decline of the S&P from the highs,as well as the S&P making new highs in the last leg up while the IBD 50 remains 11 % off the highs..

    Previous to the correction,the IBD 50 had run up close to 110 percent from the lows to the high compared with a 65 percent move in the S&P. IBD has definetly lagged in perfromance from the 12 lows. It appears that Small cap is taking a breather for the time being

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  6. %% OK KMG; i wonder what data are you using ?? FFTY is up way more than SPY, year to date. True FFTY is now below 50 dma , SPY above 50 dma; but YTD, FFTY is doing way >>>>>>>>SPY, both great trenders

    Small caps still tend to do better than SPY; on day like today better on downside.LOL BUT still up way more YTD