IS THE IB/ESIGNAL thing a done deal?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by airspeed, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. I haven't seen anything from either company about this in a few weeks and it was only a "maybe" then.

    Does anyone know if the IB/Esignal order entry integration is really going to happen this month?

  2. I just signed up sith e-signal this week. They told me that they had not completed any kind of deal with ib. I asked them since that is the setup I am looking at.
  3. I want to take advantage of Esig's full year is pretty good but I'm in no hurry to do it if there is no integration w/ IB. Right now, I'm very comfortable using Nextrend...sorta like an old pair of shoes or something along those lines...

  4. On IB forum, we can read that a deal exist and on this website, eSignal representative have mentioned that the July release will support IB, probably that the eSignal officer wasn't in contact with the development team!
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    what's good about esignal?
  6. Yes I confirmed IB integration is for eSignal 7.1 beta supposed to be in July for this...If that is the case I will receive it soon as a eSignal beta tester
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    what does the integration consist of between ib and esignal?
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    Yes, we have met with IB and have their API. Integrated trading with IB will be included in the eSignal 7.1 beta release due out in a couple of weeks.

    Will also have support for more advanced charts including tick charts, number of seconds bar charts, number of ticks bar charts, back testing, & more.

  10. Chuck,

    does it will be possible to choose the route for a trade or if you will have only the SMART route in your integration?

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