Is the IB backfill working?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ADX_trader, May 2, 2007.

  1. can't get the data
  2. You might need to specify what ur backfilling and what server you are on. Its working for asia pacific futures on the HK server.
  3. you can not backfill tick or volume data from IB server

    but you do backfill the minuet or day data
  4. Not working at all for equities on QT for me.

    Works only partially for futures on Quotetracker for me. My TWS lost its connection twice this morning, both times when I tried (unsuccessfully) to use the ctrl-alt-R feature. Both times resulted in a few minutes gap in my QT data, because I had to exit TWS and re-login. Both times, backfill failed to fill these gaps, for either futures or equities.
  5. I have the problem with intraday historical data for US futures as well since yesterday. As a result can't load neither built in nor external (Sierra) charts.

    Interesting fact is that everything works OK when I do it with paper trading (everything same - TWS, charts, just another username), but doesn't work with real acct TWS.

    Submitted a ticket to support, but didn't get an answer yet...
  6. Asia is still just fine still. Seems like its one or more of the US servers.
  7. FuTuRez


    I'm having similar problems. Like sparatic partial dissconects. Different symbols mostly around US server rest times. Front ends and charting data from IB hangs or freeze without the "pink grid" warning etc...

    kiwi is it possible to switch servers on TWS?
  8. I've had the same problem as CFerret since yesterday also (in the US).
  9. I chatted with support and sent them my log (they asked for it). They say they work on it.

    Hope it'll get fixed till US markets open today...
  10. No. You switch your home server by sending an email request and they do it the following weekend. But when you do a data request its served in the region where the data is stored. I trade asia pacific and don't actually get any US data.
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