Is the IB API still tied to the GUI

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  1. Hi, I've been away from trading for over a year now and am just gearing up to create a new automated trading system.

    My last ATS was built using IB's API, which at the time was tied in heavily to their GUI. I had to write all kinds of applets to close down message boxes from the IB GUI, etc. In short, I found the IB API to be quite flaky, with the prices feed not very reliable, etc.

    So my question is: Is the IB API still tied in to the GUI or do they have a "proper" API yet?

    If not, I will be looking to host my ATS on a server, either here in London or optionally at the location of whatever broker I use.

    I'm looking to day-trade US Stocks only (AMEX, NYSE & NASDAQ).

    Can anybody suggest a broker with a good API?

    Thanks in advance

  2. sprstpd


    Still tied to the GUI although I believe if you are giving IB a significant amount of commissions, they have a FIX platform. I am not sure if it still exists though - it did a few years back.
  3. chvid


    It is. Unfortunately.
  4. sprstpd


    Actually I am not sure it was FIX. However, it was definitely an alternate to the GUI API. I am grasping at straws here but I vaguely remember it being called the CFTC program or something like that. IB would only set it up if you did a fair amount of commissions per month. Sorry I don't remember the details.
  5. Jachyra


    According to their website, it looks like you can bypass the GUI and use their CTCI/FIX interface via internet if you commit to a $100 commission minimum. The only catch iis that I don't think that interface supports any of IB's trade allocation features (i.e. you're a CTA) or order management features (i.e. bracket orders), so if you need those features you'd have to write it yourself.
  6. chvid


    As for reliability of the price feeds; even if you go for their CTC interface the quality is probably the same.

    I have made a setup hosted remotely on an unix machine using the open source project "IBController" and my own Java-based ATS.

    It works - but it is obviously not optimal.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Even with IB's FIX interface, I'm guessing that I would still have to use the TWS API for my price feeds?

    I think I'll give IB a miss for now.

    Can anybody reccomend a US Stocks broker that has a decent API?

    Thanks again