Is the Government Misrepresenting Unemployment by 32%?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PlusMinus, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. From ZeroHedge, they overlay the Treasury money outlays for unemployment benefits with BLS' unemployment statistics and notice that a once reliable near-perfect correlation has suddenly diverged over the past few months.

    What do all the faux recover bulls have to say about this I wonder? Don't tell Charlie Rose, he'll piss his pants.
  2. So...ADP works for the government then since their unemployment numbers usually are fairly close to the government numbers?

    The conspiracies will never stop.
  3. Ok, that's fine. Then explain the sudden break in correlation? Can you? Or is your response that ADP's numbers track? I don't know what ADP's methodology is. But we have two time series that have historically tracked and suddenly don't.
  4. Seems more like the government upped the bribes (which every economic observer knows already).
  5. Here you's your answer.

    "New York State’s unemployment insurance system, besieged by claims from laid-off workers, ran out of money on the first business day of the year and is borrowing daily from the federal government to bridge a fast-growing and potentially huge deficit, state labor officials say."

    Notice how this article was written Jan 22/09 at EXACTLY the time the divergence started in the charts by the zero hedge guy. Now, how many other states have had to borrow from the federal government to pay their insurance too?

    Jeez...that conspiracy wasn't too difficult to poke a hole into. :D
  6. pspr


    Nice job tradestrong! But, can you prove the fatal shot was not fired from the grassy knoll?


  7. Then it belongs as a different line item on the treasury's sheet right?