Is The Fed Out Of Ammo?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Cut the bull bear crap and just step back and look at what is happening. Our Federal Reserve is about to cut the fed funds rate to 2.00%

    How did we get back here so bloody fast? The US must be the laughing stock of the entire world.

    How did we get here “CREATIVE FINANCING?”

    What is the Fed now doing “CREATIVE FINANCING”

    What is heavens name has happened to this country?

    How many other central banks are slashing interest rates every week it seems?

    Their financial intuitions are hurting to but you don’t seem them acting is such a reckless manner.

    This is so bizarre.
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    The credit crisis that they created years ago, by lowering the rates to historical lows, is what they are now fighting, putting any threat of inflation aside. They WILL DO ANYTHING to get this economy up again....even if it takes them to cut rates back to 1% they will do it, however inflation is going to run out of control...

    Do they know the reason why the economy is in trouble today? Its because of the easy money and liquiditiy that they made available to anybody over the last 5 years. They think fixing the problem is by lowering rates to historical lows, this is going to a serious problem over the next 12-18 months.
  3. Bush is not a 'do the right thing' kind of guy. He instructed Bernanke to make it someone else's problem. I think it's that simple.
  4. Well lets just get drunk and party like its 1999 wheeeeee. I can all ready see the bull swinging from the chandlers.

    Who cares about being responsible, lets party!
  5. I disagree.
    What I find incredibly "bizarre" is you and your buddies who post here incessantly ranting and raving about the FED as if anyone gives a rat's a$$. Why do you feel that you are such an "expert" on the Fed and the Economy when it was you who asked last week if the FED could put "price caps on a global commodity like crude oil?"

    As to the actual title of this thread . . .

    No, the FED has plenty of ammo.
    They can even purchase goods and services in the Economy ( if they wish ) to stimulate the economy. It's in their mandate.
  6. The fed will never run out of ammo.

    Rates are only 1 mechanism. They can create any new device you imagine to put capital back into the system. Then there is govt fiscal policy on top of that (not the fed themselves, however).
  7. So the fed can buy America and rule us all hahahahaha. I'm drunk with power and greed.

    We will get you Leroy, I mean Landis. Were gonna get ya.
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    You still think 100 is on the cards? I'm more inclined for 75 or even 50 now - soon find out.
    Fed funds are pricing the full 100 though.
    Good luck.
  9. I can't believe you think the fed is 'doing' anything at all. They can cut 1.00, they can cut 2.00. It doesnt make a difference.

    Jesus, man, short-term rates are falling to the floor as a market driven phenomenon. The fed is just tagging along

    The 3-month t-bill is at fucking 0.75%. it was at 2.5% just a few weeks ago. The fed isn't affecting shit.

    Welcome to deflation.
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