Is the Eurex data very unstable?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Tradesmith, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. I experienced many times the Eurex data went flat and not updated for a while. I guess this is a problem of the exchange since different data sources got the data from it.
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    May be you are with Ib, with Real Tick is all right, they say it's an exchange issue, but real tick is working fine.......:mad:
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    The IB bulletin says, the trading at Eurex is halted due to technical problems. This is not true. CQG and some other data vendors deliver data, so someone must be trading.

    J-Trader (refco) though seems to have the same problem: no data for Eurex.


    bernd Kuerbs
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    i've been waiting over 1 hour to find out whether I am long the Bund or not...

    lots of people with same problem as me i'm told...

  5. I had a similar problem this morning. I had just gotten filled short 3 DAX, when I discovered that I had no way to close my trade. My account is with IB, so I called the overseas office to ask them to close it and they refused!!! saying that they had lost connection to Eurex!!. I have Mytrack running right next to IB and it never lost a tick. I have a feeling that the problem is with IB and not with the Eurex connection. Fortunately, I had transmitted my stops using native held orders, so although I took a loss, it was not catastrophic. From my point of view this kind of situation make me reconsider the idea of short term trading versus just maintaining a core position or holding an option spread for instance. Anyway just my 2 cents. Steve46
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    I don't know the entire problem but saw an internal message stating that there was a network connection error at the exchange's carrier in Zurich. Thus it looks like firms using that node were afftected.

    quiet1, start an online chat to see if they can help you.
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    I can call Eurex directly and put in an order or cancel an existing one in the book because I am a Eurex-registered trader. Same with Liffe, CBOT, or Globex. IB should be able to provide the same service for you.
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    When I posted I had already begun the chat with IB customer services a long time before. I waited maybe 10-15 minutes after the connection went down before contacting IB - I guess that put me near the back of the queue...

    I am also to blame for the situation in that I didn't know whether the orders would be automatically cancelled by IB or not. Perhaps this is in their help docs somewhere?

    My (sell) orders were filled and I turned out a lot less long than I would liked to have been...


  9. Has anybody heard of redundant systems? It isn't hard to implement. Bank seem to be able to do this with their automated teller systems and internally. The broker who figures it out and puts it into service will be able to advertise that the trader can abandon the idea of using a "backup" account. I think a lot of this is simply complacent behavior from folks who figure that no one else can do it better. I called in to Man Financial and found that there was no problem with that connection to Eurex. This means that the "story" I got when I contacted IB's office in Zug was Bullsh@&8t!!! The idea that this kind of behavior can be excused with the sentence "these are the risks you assume when you use electronic trading methods" is getting old quick IB! At some point, I have to ask myself, what is a low commission worth is I get decimated one night because IB can't maintain systems?
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    I'm not defending IB here but there were other clearing firms who also had issues with Eurex this morning. Both of my platforms went down this morning within about 5 minutes of each other and were down about the same length of time.
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