Is the coming Social Security/Medicare crisis REALLY that worrisome?

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    When those programs start to draining all the tax revenue and increase the worry of a fiscal collapse, I bet the first republican president to get in office will cut benefits(maybe even the drug benefit) and raise some tax(not to say the technology that will improve driving up productivity), if you dont think it will be done your nuts, its just a question of the pain getting so bad things have to get done
  2. No because in 30 years there will be no cancer, heart disease, diabetes.

    Without disease we will not have any health issues to contain with.

    People don't understand how much the world will be changing and keep thinking in terms of today.

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    With all due respect I dont see that happening, drug and pharma companies make so much money treating all these diseases. The money aint in the cure, its in the treatment.... In my opinion IF all those diseases are cured, other diseases will take their place and the cycle will repeat itself.
  5. jficquette- have you happened to see the amount of fat and obese people walking around? If anything, lifestyle diseases are going to choke the healthcare system.

  6. Deaths from lifestyle disease occur from one of 3 things. Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer.

    Cures are inevitable for these problems and within the next 30 years, if not sooner.

    You can find dozens if not hundreds of articles like this on the internet

  8. Ummm..... as optimistic as the next guy, but cancer's a tough nut to crack. Diabetes is potentially palliable, and obesity may not be as terrible as we all think. And regrettably, solving diabetes or obesity will simply gain 5-10 years of life until the next big bad thing becomes reality.

    If the future mimics the present, I am not optimistic about biotech as it will be held back through the regulatory yoke.

    Yes, I've read Ray Kurzweil's book, but I don't think it is going to be that easy.
  9. No one said it's going to be easy. However, once the genes are figured out and the millions of proteins they create are dealt with then all things are possible.

    It will happen sooner or later. There is no doubt that it will.

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    I knew they gonna eventually outlaw French fries, hamburgers and soda, not to mention nicotine!!!

    By the way if people gonna live longer that is just gonna screw the social security system even MORE, because less working people will keep paying for more still living individuals who draw from the system... 3rd grade math...

    The soc.sec. system is the best Ponzi scheme ever invented...
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