Is the C.F.A. equivalent to an ivy league MBA

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    Do you think the C.F.A. is equivalent to an Ivy league MBA. I just started studying for the C.F.A it doesn't seem that hard yet. I'm sure it gets a lot tougher.

    Let me know what you guys good is it to have
  2. No, but it is much cheaper and easier to get.
  3. no. 22

    no. 22

    GW Bush had a choice: pay up for a CFA or pay up for a Harvard MBA. Which did he choose?
  4. An MBA class is just a bunch of people babbling "corporate speak" learning "team building" and doing "case studies" so that they can tell everyone they know that they have an MBA. I would have a great deal more respect for someone with a Masters of Finance or a CFA.
  5. If you read most job postings where a CFA is mentioned as a requirement or a desired designation you will find that they generally say CFA or MBA.
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    Well of course you would -- you don't even recognize the fundamental purpose for the MBA: networking. It has nothing to do with what you learn, and everything to do with who you meet.
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    MBA from Ivy league means you are good at business books, CFA means you are excellent in Financial Analysis.
  8. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) who does not have an MBA. I can tell you that I have advanced further and have greater knowledge pertaining to investment analysis and research than MBA associates that I have worked with in the past. However, I believe an MBA exposes one to broader business concepts (marketing, management etc.). CFA is narrowly focused on investment management concepts only.
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    lets put this question in perspective.

    is a certificate from Phoenix University online better than a degree from Harvard?

    is a certificate from ITT Technical Institute better than a CS degree from Stanford?

    is a certificate in mathematics better than a math degree from Princeton?

    i think the answer is clear except to the people who can't separate seeing what they want to see compared to what's there.
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    I always heard it was the equivalent of an ivy league mba. When I worked as a broker at Morgan Stanley they would tell me to get the CFA and not worry about an MBA.

    They said only get an MBA from top 15 business schools in the country....if you can't get in get the CFA
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