Is the Bloomberg Terminal UI source code available anywhere?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by kmiklas, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. kmiklas


    I believe that it's HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and runs in a heavily customized browser.

    (Please no laughing at me. I'm sensitive, and my feelings are easily hurt)
  2. jharmon


    it is not available anywhere that you can access it, unless you're an IT developer in that area that works for Bloomberg.
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    Is your exchange trading Cryptos yet?
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  5. Sig


    So that's got to be one of the clunkiest, most obtuse, counterintuitive, and difficult to learn UIs in regular use today, clearly kludged together over decades. I've gotta ask why in the world anyone would want their source code for anything except material for the "not that" portion of a "Do this, not that" UI course!
    Not helpful for you, I know. Perhaps more useful, if not exactly helpful, is knowing that everything Bloomberg is highly proprietary and not only impossible to legally obtain but radioactive from a lawsuit perspective if you ever did obtain or reverse engineer it. That way madness lies.
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  6. wintergasp


    No it's not. That's what eikon's tried to do.
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    Blasphemy! Off with his head!!!

    For reference.

    True. Thank you.
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