Is the bear over?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Jul 28, 2008.

Has the bear market finished?

  1. Yes, we hit the lows 2 weeks ago

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  2. No, there is further downside ahead

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  1. Cutten


    Has the bear market finished?
  2. No matter what the poll will show-sentiment is too bullish for a meaningful rally. Loads of people are stuck long and I must of heard 10 times today of how we can "rally 10% from here." We can rally 10% off of 1145 too....
  3. i am fuckd
    i loaded a lot of financial thinking the worst is over
    Mer @ 33
    LEh @ 20
    C @20
    etfc @ 3.50

    And look at them just go down I mean WTF ( Today )
    MER @ 24
    LEH @ 16
    c @ 17.50
    ETFC @ 2.79

    I mean WTF
    I own 100 Shares each :(
  4. The bear market is going to continue atleast till there is an end in sight to falling home prices and the mortgage mess and financial co's writeoffs are near an end, along with the economy turning around......till then the bear roars on.
  5. You got suckered by the big banks short covering. :(
  6. S2007S


    DOW IS HEADED BACK below 11k.......
  7. i think i got suckered by the short covering
    not only me a lot of people my friend and all
    We all got suckered
    If i had to buy 1 more financial what would be the best stock to buy right now - ?
    100 shares leavinbg GS
  8. Are you performing any technical analysis on your trades? $20 for C was clearly too high. Are these long term trades (buy and hold)? Also, who is to say that you have to pick the ultimate bottom.

    Until we see what happens with student loans this semester, I really see no point in stocking up long term on financials.
  9. yep
  10. Lucrum


    "Is the bear over?"

    I don't know, are the bulls done bending over?

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