Is the bailout approach misguided?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wjk, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I posted the following a few days back and it went unanswered. I would like to post it again since I keep hearing that we have to have a bill before the markets open. My question has been:

    Is the fed playing the market, or the economy? I got the impression that the emergency rate cuts early on were all about the market. I thought the fed's job was to help maintain a healthy economy. I don't see how manipulating markets achieves that. I always thought the market was an economic predictor. If that's true, than artificially changing the market through manipulation would not necessarily change the underlying problems. Is that correct?

    I'm amazed at the knee jerking when we're only 5% or so into a bear market, however, I keep hearing this is different, so I'll leave that to the experts. Would love to hear some input on the difference between the market and the economy, and the fed and treasury's roll in each, or both.

  2. robert reich said so this morning on abc
  3. we're going into economic martial law, over the first S & P market correction (still less than 25%) in 5 years

    a martial law with universal confiscation of the masses, to bail out those who took unsound risks

    in many cases, money will be taken from those with less, to give to those with more