Is the average person barbaric and evil?

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    A few posts on ET recently made me revisit this pet theme of mine. In short, several people on here have advocated kidnap, torture, and lynch-murder of a financial adviser for making bad (but not fraudulent) investment recommendations. Others have recommended anything ranging from total asset seizure to outright murder of people, without trial or charge, just for being relatives of Bernard Madoff. Almost no one other than myself has raised an eyebrow at any of this.

    In other words, a lot of people here (including some regular/"respected" posters) have no respect for the presumption of innocence, or the necessity of showing proof of a crime before handing out punishment, and some of them think that actions completely lacking any bad motive are deserving of a violent death by lynch mob. In the light of this, the many barbaric episodes from human history are easily explicable - many normal people are not just stupid and ill-informed, but barbaric and evil too.

    Am I being too harsh here, or do these people deserve a taste of their own medicine? I wonder how any of them would react if they suffered the same fate as they are prescribing for others.
  2. Imo, people in general are angry, more so in the last 10 - 15 years. maybe the slogan "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" is taken too literally and applied across the board to any and everything probably starting with a few politico's to get attention.

    In general, I don't think people even realize why they have all this pent up anger. There seems to be a plethora of small irritants in daily life imposed on us which we are unaware of but contribute and pervasive.

    One of my favorites and I think may be a perfect example, is navigating a suburban parking lot. It is like driving in a mine field for the sake of green space and eye appeal. parking sizes are too small and uncomfotable for p/u and suv's. We are accustomed to this but subconsiously, form over function is lost in daily life.

  3. get a religion, ask a priest

    believe it or no, they are quite adept at answering such questions, its not all about Santa Claus and Tooth Fairies
  4. People are barbaric because barbarism is driven by the first law of nature. Barbarism usually arises over real or perceived threats to that first law.

    The first law of nature is amoral, so good and evil are relative in their construct.
  5. Jerimiah 17:9 The heart is wicked above all things and beyond cure, who can know it?

    1 John 3:15 He who hates his brother is a murderer

    Luke 18:19 There is none good but God.

    So to answer your question...its not just the average person barbaric...its EVERY person. (thats right...even us Christians...we are barbaric too) But its just some people are more barbaric than others. People with religion are generally less barbaric but not all the time. Its too bad we get a bad rap from the guys that claim they are one of us and then go out and kill in Gods name.
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    If the average person is barbaric and the average person is religious ....erm
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    Most Americans support torture, indefinite detention, and no trials of foreigners suspected of terrorism.

    Now, Americans are taking that same attitude of dehumanization and applying it against their Countrymen.

    Why should we be surprised?
  8. Nice strawman there Stu. Now let me knock it down for ya!

    Do you think the average person that is thinking about barbaric acts, or doing barbaric acts is thinking about their religion at the same time? Are the kids that shoot up schools thinking about God when they are doing it? Is the man that goes out and rapes a woman thinking about God when he is doing it? Is the woman who goes out and aborts her baby thinking about God when she is doing it? Is the man that goes out and buys a prostitute for the night thinking about God when he does it?

    Thanks for the strawman set up Stu. That one was really fun to knock down.
  9. I think it has alot to do with height. If you're under 5'5" then
    you're holding a grudge in perpetuity for your shortcomings ...fate.
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    Well I'm glad you are enjoying yourself.

    My answer to your questions is yes. I do think they would consider religion if they were religious. Bit of a no brainer really.
    Neither you nor I can possibly know what they are thinking, but it's not difficult to imagine religious people would be considering God in relation to those events before or during them.

    Maybe religion is the problem.

    If the average person is barbaric and the average person is religious = oh dear, that does seem like very awkward ground to be defending religion.

    On average.
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