Is the american public the greater fool? Greater fool theory.

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  1. If your wondering,this is not to bash the american people but looking at it objectivily. Ok americans are buying stocks again in the same companies that fell 90 percent and on the brink of bankruptcy. They fire the republicans who were responsible for the recession, hire democrats,then blame democrats, and then hire the same guys over again. Americans rutinely trade in bankrupt companies, that stocks will be cancelled and are worthless. Ie general motors, lehman, bear stearns, and etc. a majority of americans think that obama started the war in iraq and bailed out aig and bear stearns. i could bring out more stuff, but it leads people to belieave americans are the greater fool. They have no sense of history or common sense. Its the reason why shorts can and always make money in the american stock market. Its not to say there are alot of smart americans,but when you have a majority of people who dont learn from history or even know history beyond what happen last week, then your prone to make it again.
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    I'd like to see the stats to back up any of your statistics. A majority think Obama started the Iraq War? And you continue to say "greater fool", greater than who? Certainly not the useless Europeans whose lives are centered around getting drunk and cooking. That is all I ever heard while I was over there for three months. Talk about what they were making for dinner and everyone walking around liquored up all the time. So who is the "greater" fool? Probably the guy who posts useless claims without anything to back them up.
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    You've been listening to too many Neo-Cons and the media, in my opinion they have just the same amount of morons as in any country. The only difference is they are one huge continent rather than a small country and somehow some of these morons also got elected into office and are in control of the media so it's a lot easier to see.
  4. Seems like two sides of the same coin. One hits the bottle every night, while the other first loses everything in the stock market before hitting the bottle everynight. Both end up in the same place except one side has nicer teeth. :D
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    When TrimTabs conducted a study of the 2009 stock market rally, they came to a conclusion that the American public isn't the sole perpetrator as you might have mistakenly thought:

    TrimTabs Asks: Who Is Responsible For The Non-Stop Market Rally Since March
  6. "Learn from history"?

    Now that's good for a laugh.

    You do realize none of these home "skooled" maggots know how to read or write properly. We're dealing with imbeciles who along with their equally retarded leader Palin think humans walked with dinosaurs and the earth is only 6000 years old.

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    In the new economy, the only jobs available will require higher education. These maggots are un-employable and will remain un-employed till they die off.

    The only way to expedite the desired process of eliminating these useless breeders is to start a massive war and ship them off to die.

    I hope Palin or someone of her half-witted caliber wins the next Presidential cycle. These bastards fully deserve the ass raping that's headed their way.

  7. Really?