Is that the same Joe Wilson (of House Israel first Caucus)?

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  1. So let me get this straight, he is fine with having US taxpayers pay billions for Israeli healthcare while US states go broke but he is opposed to Obama's health plan?

    What the $%^&#$?
  2. Repeat after me. Jews aren't evil. Jews aren't evil. Feel better yet?
  3. What is a Jew?
  4. Ricter


    Pete Moss does not like the way Muslims treat their women.
    Pete Moss presumably treats his women well.
    Pete Moss believes in equal rights and equal power for women?
    Equal rights and equal power for women are leftist values.
    Pete Moss is a leftist?

    Building on the conclusion from his other argument:

    Pete Moss is a very violent person?
  5. You forgot the most important point Ricter! Pete Moss is BernardRichards less his schizophrenia meds.


  6. Ricter


    Good chance you're right. He might want to listen secretly to hear if his putting me on ignore hurt me (well, everyone he has on ignore really).

    Yo Pete, while you are posting incognito, don't forget to go to the poll and vote again for Palin! (6 votes atm.)
  7. Ricter


    Well, I can't be "wrong", I said, "good chance" for a reason.

    Ok, on the chance that you are not Bernard, let's move on...

    You don't think equal rights and power for women are leftist values. Do you believe then that those values are shared by both leftists and rightists?
  8. Ricter


    Good man!

    Do you believe that they should, though, or merely that "some do some don't"? I mean, in your opinion, is holding those values the right thing to do?
  9. I'M Maglight.
  10. Because they could not attack your perfectly accurate message.
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