Is Texas the best state in which to live?

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  1. Florida is one category 5 hurricane away from being blown in to oblivion
    California is a constant fear of the next Big One: a major personal income tax rate increase
    New York... is well New York
    Illinois is cold and flat like Nicole Richie

    Then there is Texas... Texas has potential.
  2. Fire ants. Mexicans. Latter day carpetbaggers. Tornadoes. Heat. Drought. White trash. Uppity coloreds. Consider Huntsvile Alabama instead. It only has four of the above eight. Take it from me. I live in Texas. I am two of the above eight. A choice is a terrible thing to waste.
  3. Too hot and dry?
  4. Alabama? Hahahhahahahahahaha...

    The only real choices are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.
  5. From geography perspective, I would guess the best states to live in are Washington state, Oregon, Howaii:D
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    Art, are you a Hot Tornado or a Mexican Fire Ant? :D

    Seriously, think about some place like Colorado. If you can deal with the liberals and one super cold week a year, it's a great place. Another is the mountains around Lake Tahoe. And, Sonoma county, CA is beautiful if you can handle the possibility of the big-one.
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    Just curious, what is wrong with Arizona, the immigrant thing?
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    Very few places in the world can compete with North County San Diego. I am stoked I am currently able to make enough money to pay to have a family of 6 live here. Its not cheap, but it is awesome.
  9. I read an article a while ago that Huntsville, Alabama is a boom town because of the low taxes and low cost of living. Mercedes & Hyundai are there. It isn't a union stronghold. It's roads are one of the best in the states (it's neighbor Mississippi has terrible roads). So, don't rule out Alabama.

    California has a magnificent climate. I lived there for seven years. I got accustomed to earthquake tremors. I am not threatened by "the big one". The problem with California is the high cost of living and the socialist, anti-capitalist legislature and the leftists who elect them.

    If I wasn't attached to my family in Illinois, I'd look into Nevada ...
  10. Truth to tell, I think Portland is the place to be. But I am an congenital trailer trash redneck Republican, so I can't go there except on vacation.
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