Is Tarding a game of skill

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  1. Some say that trading is similar to games of skill and chance like poker or backgammon. Both of these games involve an element of luck. In poker you have to get lucky and get the right cards and in backgammon you need the dice to role in your favor. Funnily enough I have been playing poker for the past year and sometimes I think my poker results are much better and consistent than my trading results.

    I was wondering if anyone else sees parallels between a game like poker and trading and in what way. For example, I feel one important requirement for success in both games is a lot of patience. Any other examples?
  2. Search the forums for threads on this.
  3. The late Chip Reese one of greatest cash players in World said:

    "“I can bet $100,000 and feel nothing,” he said in an interview with People magazine in 2003. “If you think about the money and what it means, you’re gone.”

    don't know how this helps but i like the quote :)
  4. Yes, tarding does require skill.

    Try to pass the tarding test:

  5. bahaha
  6. That refers to emotions and trading. They don't mix. That is why automated trading is the new buzzword, because the system is programmed and unemotional. The point well taken is that trading with emotions is unprofitable.
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    What exactly is "tarding?" Is it anything like dwarf tossing?
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    Typing correctly is also a skill that can be learned although some people never check what they have initiated. An action never recommended.If you're working that fast you're working too fast.
    Just my ha'penny.
  9. Sort of, but in this case the dwarfs are the ones doing the tossing :)

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.............YES!
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