Is t anything that can stop this market from going to all time highs?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bonds, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. bonds


    Whats gonna stop this relentless monster move up?
  2. nocloud


    basically, nothing now that merkel has come out and admitted that germany will never allow a grexit.

    spx 1500 here we come. you heard it here first.
  3. bonds


    well ive been hearing all time highs were coming for a while just didnt think it would come this easy
  4. piezoe


    Answer: A stronger dollar.
  5. bonds


    Luckily Ben Bernanke doesnt have a strong dollar policy! Print away Bubble Ben!!!
  6. piezoe


    Well, 1500-1550 seems perfectly doable by election day. However the ECB is following in the footsteps of the U.S. Federal reserve, albeit far more slowly. Eventually this will weaken the euro. Then we will see who can weaken the most, the ECB or the Fed. I expect the euro and dollar to trade at parity, or very close to it, sometime in 2013.

    Maybe we should be looking at real estate in Uruguay. and planning a long weekend in Paris.
  7. piezoe


    Hey, I just thought of something else that's sure to stop it. A Romney win. He wants to FIRE Ben! :D
  8. Ben Bernanke is insuring there is no Romney win by helping the economy and stock market right before the election.
  9. Bob111


    hate it,but have to agree. 100% room to go for this loser..USA became dumb and dumber state and i see no end of it..
  10. 1. I live in Alabama and have never traveled internationally, so a weak dollar might mean inflation, but I don't understand it all. Some people say deflation, some stay stagflation. nobody knows.

    2. I live in Chicago and go to London weekly. A weak dollar is killing me, and higher food and oil prices is all the fault of Ben.

    3. I live in San Fran and make bank in my 401k. I'm in my 20's and I don't own a home, so this is good. I make more in my 401k than I lose buying food.

    4. I live in Vegas and my house price is so far underwater I already walked away and now I need a stable job. And easier credit, so I will blame someone....clinton, bush, obama, someone.

    so many TA clowns have been 100% wrong always.

    QE > TA every day of the week

    of course it's elite trader should have been massively long.
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