Is stock_trad3r the PSYOP Division of the PPT?

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  1. 1) No proof that there is a PPT (as it's understood here and elsewhere).

    2) More likely that he's psych ops for offshore naked short sellers, since he does more harm than good for the bulls. I've never seen anyone jinx a rally like him. However, when he doesn't jinx a rally, better cover your shorts...that means nothing, not even the #1 cheerleader, can stop it...
  2. Okay, alleged PPT. Work with me! :D
  3. It's just the term, but there is a Working Group on the Financial Markets. It's been admitted by Bush and the Fed.

    It's an Executive Order signed into law after the 87 Crash.

    It's hard to believe that there are traders who actually refuse to believe this. Do you also refuse to believe that Santa Claus and Toothfairy are imaginary?
  4. Reading comprehension 101. I wrote:

    "PPT (as it's understood here and elsewhere)."

    No debate over Working Group on the Financial Markets' existence. However, there's no evidence that they step in buy every big correction or panic day like many here suggest. They may own some shares of bailout recipients, but that's completely different than boosting the broad stock market during downturns.

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    No doubt many ET were influenced by stock_trader into a thinking of taking action on the opposite side.
  6. You know, he thrives on you guys giving him attention. We all know he's worthless. But creating threads for him just encourages him to make more dumbass commentary for everyone to rant about.
  7. This is an Executive Order that goes back almost 20 years. You are a retard if you think they have not been getting involved in the equity & futures markets. They also step into the currency markets on a regular basis.

    Plunge Protection Team is a known term among traders, it directly refers to the Working Group on the Financial Markets, as well as the Executive Order that put it into place. I could link you the Wikipedia page, or even just the results of a basic Google/Yahoo search, but what's the point. If you can't figure it out by now, you're hopeless.
  8. Nice evidence and hard data to prove your point.

    Oh wait...there wasn't any.

    I'm a "retard" if I don't think they've been getting involved, huh? Wow, did you pick that lingo up from your 5th grade friends?

    I've seen the Wickipedia article. It says nothing to prove your baseless claim. Again, I never denied the Working Group on the Financial Markets exists.

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    lol - this is the funniest thread title all year!

    Seriously though, I wish it was possible to ignore him, all threads created by him, every post quoting his posts, and even posts where someone even mentions him or his worse-than-Cramer calls. He's a total nutcase. A stock_trad3r free ET would have been nice. But then again, I'm sure we'd all want these options applied towards our ignore lists.
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