Is starting an online store for solar panels a good business idea?

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    Given that green energies grow in demand every month - will it be a good idea to sell solar panels online? My major concern is whether people will "have" the habit of buying such things online...I mean people are now used to buy books, electronics, cds online - but not sure about renewable energy - it's like trying to convince people that buying cars online is a good and a safe choice. Another problem is that many people will also need assistance on how to install the panels on their's not like buying a Sony vaio. Finally, most people aren't willing to spend more than $1000-$2000 usd per order online...however you won't accomplish much with that amount of money for solar energy...that is...I have made many calculations and in every case system needed to fully power an average household will be $15k+. On the other hand, competition isn't that intense - like you will find several not well known websites selling solar products...last but not least let's nto forget the major advantage: solar energy saves you 40% or more on your utility bill. Can't say...if I were to buy solar panels I will most likely check at walmart or some local store some company that offers installation and free side evaluation. Surely, green energy, space tourism, robotics etc. all have huge business potential but placing myself to get piece of the buy seems hard as hell. 10x!
  2. Say your electric is $150 per month. You save 40% and thats $60 per month savings. That means it will take nearly 20 years to recoup your original investment of $15k. Low grade panels also only last 10 years. The high grade ones last about 32 years and thats only if you take care of them. Wind, humidity and rain cause lots of damage to panels(and snow even worse) and if you dont get the snow off your panels pretty quick, they can get water damaged. Not to mention that over time, the power output degrades and your panels dont save you as much money.

    In the end, I dont think you save any money with solar power when you figure out all the costs. In fact, I think it just costs you money upfront. Better to put $15k in a stock that pays 5% dividends, that will pay for 40% of your electric bill too (plus over times dividends go up and so do stocks)
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    You're forgetting to include the state and federal incentives/rebates for using renewables. Can lower that 20yr time frame to 12 or less.