Is Star Wars Last Jedi worth watching?

Discussion in 'Music, Movies and Entertainment' started by helpme_please, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Is this a good movie worth your money? Would you recommend to friends and relatives to bring their kids to watch this movie or take the cheaper alternative, wait for it to stream on Netflix?

    I know it's a box office but there are die-hard fans who will watch it even if it's lousy. I would prefer to check with people on this forum before spending my money.
  2. No Harrison Ford there.
  3. I too am debating whether to go or wait for it to come out on a bluray or on a streaming service.
  4. If you are bring kids, i think Jumanji is better choice. But if you are die hard fans Star wars it might be disappoint a bit (based on my friend said), but if you are casual movie fans, the movie is great to watch