is spot fx better then future fx?

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  1. which is better?

    i think if there is no spread on future'll be whole lot cheaper to trade them...
  2. Use the search in the top right, been covered many times.

    FYI, futures fx trade a centralized market place, forex is typically against your broker, unless you trade enough size to trade against big banks.

    If you trade size and can trade against real banks, not your broker, there may be more volume on spot fx, but that's questionable.

    Forex is a casino in most cases, unregulated for the most part.

    It's much easier, due to lack of regulation, to have your broker go under and you lose your money, adios. It's changing, but slowly.
  3. I trade Euro and Cable on the CME, been very reliable so far.
  4. how is the spreads? does it maintain 1 tick?ever it comes zero?

    i tend to trade eurofx 6e globex
  5. This is exactly right. Trade exchange traded products only!

  6. Just remember that that the futures only trade 23 hours, whereas the underlying spot market trades 24 hours. If you plan on haveing o/n positions frequently, this imposes a significant risk.
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    good to know guys
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    no spot blows hard compared to futures where you can see volume.
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    future fx
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