Is something not right?

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Do Republicans have their priorities straight?

  1. Yes, continuing the policy's of the past 8 years will fix this mess.

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  2. No, they need to stop worrying about who we're bombing and start concentrating on our economy

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  1. Is it just me or is everything out of wack here? For 8 years the Republicans have run up our national debt by 5 trillion dollars. We did nothing to fix the 50 trillion dollar Social Security tidal wave coming our way. We instead never saw a spending bill we didn’t like. How much was the unpaid prescription drug bill? 600 billion I think. We created a huge Department of Homeland Security that nobody likes or can figure out what they actually do. Of course there was the mother of all useless spending, 12 billions a month on a war that we should be out of. The Republicans have been fierce about not cutting spending on the war. If someone ever tried to cut off funding to end the war, their patriotism was certainly questioned. Meanwhile we funded all of this through tax cuts, a lot of which went to the rich. Nothing wrong with tax cuts, but you have to cut spending to make up for it.

    Over the past 8 years the little guy has gotten absolutely hammered. Where the average family’s income has gone down $1000 and their cost of living has gone up $5000. Where a couple of trillion dollars in bailouts have been handed out to evil company’s with hardley a second thought.

    Now a stimulus package has just passed without a single Republican vote. All of a sudden they care about deficit spending. They are relentless about spending billions on the military industrial complex and wars that profit the rich at the expense of the poor, but all of a sudden when it comes to giving the little guy a few hundred bucks that will directly help them, they’re questioning the economics of whether it will work. You don’t need a Harvard MBA to tell you that giving people checks who spend 100% of their incomes is going to benefit the economy more than spending billions on tanks and planes so our military can go all around the world and tell other countries what to do. $500 of Social Security and Medicare waivers is going to help me. That’s not wasted money. I’m not going to see any of my Social Security anyways, so who cares that I didn’t pay for it? Is there a lot of pork in this bill? Of course. Is it the best way of doing things? No. But I just don’t understand how these Republicans can be so adamantly against it after what they put us through for 8 years. The Republicans are really losing it. I am ashamed of what my party has done to this country. They really need to reexamine their priorities. Why are we paying to bomb bridges in Iraq, then rebuild them, meanwhile our bridges are falling apart here?
  2. You're the second Republican (after Pabst) on this forum with a brain & some intellectual honesty.
    Stay here a little bit and watch the like of Tgregg & Homre make a mockery of conservative principles.
    When people like you have their say in the GOP again, the party will rise from its shambles. For now, I'm happy watching Palin, Coulter, Salsman and Rush drag it though the mud.
  3. and watch how your post gets very little traction since very few are interested in policy debates....
    If your post were about Obama birth certificate conspiracy, this thread would be on fire.
  5. I made the mistake of turning on Rush yesterday. He was defending the 50 million dollar Citi jet. He’s really lost it. On inauguration day, I accidently turned on Hannity. He was going crazy about the 140 million spent on the inauguration. He said they should have scaled it back due to the economy. So let me get this staight. He defends spending more than 140 million a day in Iraq, meanwhile it’s rediculus to spend that much for one day on the inauguration. That 140 million was spent supporting the local DC economy. Hotels were packed. Restaurants were full. Taxi’s and limos and vendors and public transportation all were able to make some extra money. Meanwhile, where does the 140 million a day in Iraq go? It certainly doesn’t go to the troops.
  6. Exactly. Every time I focus on issues around here, nobody wants to talk about it. All they want to do is talk about the big screen tv they heard some foreclosed home had in it. Try to talk about health insurance going up 10% a year. Not going to happen. Talk about the crumbling job market. I get called lazy. Talk about inflation always going up and wages going down, I get called a Communist. Then they wonder why people voted for Obama.
  7. I don’t change party affiliations based on my life results. If I ever get rich or famous, people will be able to say they knew me when I was broke and I was still a Republican then. I just thought Republicans believed in making the free market work for you, I realize now they have simply turned into a party promoting survival of the fittest, at the expense of the weak and unconnected.
  8. I like that. Of course universality is the only valid criteria
    to base a set of convictions on. The last part of your comments above were always the unexpressed underbelly of republican beliefs. You advocate for liberal supports but call yourself a republican. Liberals aren't all socialist ya know just, some of them even actually own businesses. Conservatives like to deconstruct their message to provide cover for what they really do ...all the things you cited above.
  9. Well I think it’s fundamentally wrong to take from one and give to another, which is mainly what Dems advocate in one way or another. That won’t bring about equality, it will just encourage inactivity. But the Republicans just don’t recognize the problems everday people are facing. Meanwhile Democrats, while they don’t usually have the right solutions, do recognize the problems. So which would you vote for?

    I think Americans fundamentally want to make it on their own. They want a leg up, not a hand out. If they wanted everything paid for them, then probably over 90% would vote Democrat. But it’s split right down the middle (generally speaking). If a politician promises to provide such and such and says he will tax 1 person to give to the other 9, then logically he should expect the votes of the 9 and lose the 1. But that’s not the case. There are at least 40% of the population that is not rich, yet still votes Republican.

    But how much longer can this go on for? They have done nothing to curtail health care or education costs. They don’t talk about how the Federal Reserve is screwing the little guy. They have no problem spending billions to build bombs, yet health care for poor children is a program they’d like to do without. Outsourcing is encouraged so as to enhance profits at the expense of good jobs. Insourcing is a way to fill jobs “Americans won’t do.” Is this the party I want to be apart of? Look at the CNN political ticker. Even McConnell has said the GOP is nearly doomed.

    They need to get back to basics. They can start by enacting policy’s that provide the most fundamental thing that drives America’s growth. Jobs. People want jobs. Good jobs. Not crap jobs. Heal our jobs market and you’ll heal America.
  10. Hey Sandy I agree that fiscal Republicans have been worthless for the last 8 years. Bush was no fiscal republican and you can see that easily with the debt.

    You point out the stupidity of republicans letting the debt go higher and higher and now all of a sudden they are against it.

    Would it also be fair to point out the stupidity of democrats by attacking the spending of Bush and now all of a sudden embracing Obama's big spending?

    I think your point is one very big piece of evidence that suggests the politicians we have in Washington are worthless.

    The republicans are going from a wrong to a right.

    The democrats are going from a right to a wrong.
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