Is someone trying to rip off my IB account?

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  1. I didn't get the message, but I thought I'd share an email story from my work. My company felt it was a good idea to hire offshore testers, who decided it was a good idea to import actual production data (including email addresses) into their testing database, and then turned on the email process. And voila, 200 emails go to clients saying they had activity...

    I keep thinking about how much we saved by having that done by offshore resources...not about how much it cost us in terms of lost business :eek:
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    just called them this morning. the automated msg said some IB customer might've received the email in error. it said to disregard.
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    Yep, can relate to this.

    True story - my own: Was hired by this large outfit and given summary training. Then I was told to report to someone who was programming for the financial department. He had "no time, too busy, but hey sort the problems out in this program"

    So I looked at this, not really knowing what was going on and checked with one of the system programmers - I had some feeling that not everything was OK. I asked if this program was accessing the life data database: "No, certainly not. Just run it and try to trace the output."

    So I ran the program, nothing happened. Went back to the system programmer and mentioned this. "I'll look into this in a short while". He ran the program and did not get an output either.

    10 minutes later the phone went......

    the whole financial database had been wiped .......

    (over a 100M revenue / year) Took them over a month to get some resemblance of a financial database back.....

    I think back to this and am still gratefull that I checked - I did not bear the brunt of the fury, would have cost me the job there and then.

    And then what do ya guys think of the sewage treatment plants /water teatment plants / electricity net being controlled from India? Network down: the whole place in the dark / no drinking water / no sewage disposal.

    The whole cardhouse comes crumbling down when the internet is down......locals don't know any longer how to cope and run the place themselves.

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  4. If in doubt, one should call IB directly. This is the fastest and surest way to get the right answer.

    Also I never click on any link. A link can be spoofed and the hacker can bring you to another URL (but you don't notice).

    If you do wish to take a look, either type the URL yourself, or even safer, don't follow its link. You go to IB website, and login.
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