Is someone trying to rip off my IB account?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nonam, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. nonam


    Thanks Traderobb,obviously ET was the correct place to raise this matter.And IB will be better informed also.And informed higher up their food chain.
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  2. I haven't gotten a notice yet. Could be IB, or a phish attack.

    Could someone verify the Account Management link in those emails? Does it point to the real IB site?

    DON'T CLICK IT, just check the URL. Otherwise, I hope an IB rep will tell us if it is an IB error.
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  3. Got one too.
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  4. Nonam:

    No, you are not the only one to receive that e-mail. I received the very exact message and it scared the crap out of me since I very rarely make withdrawals and if so, you are supposed to get a token e-mail to confirm. I have sent in a trouble ticket to IB (wanted to call but I am in Tokyo and they are not in yet).

    I have checked my computer several times for viruses, etc. and found nothing (although not a guarantee). I also checked the source code of the IB message and if it is a fake, it is extremely good. The embedded "Account Management" matches the link that Wayne posted. Again, if it is fake, they even went the extra mile to block out the account # properly (UXX___) in the message and the logos, etc. are perfect.

    I checked my account from a separate computer for any withdrawal requests in the Funds Status and there were no documented withdrawals for the last 45 day period (the max it checks for) so I am inclined to believe at worst it is a phishing attack but I am taking no chances.

    I will insist on a reply from IB by morning my time.
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  5. Holmes


    No single AV is 100% succesful in catching everything.

    You may want to scan with others too and even then there is not a garantee they'll catch the offending stuff: the only ones that they catch are those that are (or have been) massively circulating. If it is a small, dedecated trojan targetting a small group then there may not be a detection for.

    I clearly remember about 4 years ago batlling for a whole month to get rid of a particular nasty one - and I have a computer background. It destroyed all my history that was saved on disks. (did not have a CD writer at the time)

    Free web based AV that I use:
    Panda Activescan:

    good luck
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  6. Interesting. I thought I might be immune to this. Nope...

    Just checked my email and I received this email at 3:20:20am PST also...:(
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  7. alanm


    I didn't get such an email.

    If it has your correct account number, it obviously cannot be a phishing attack.
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  8. Holmes


    1) Has anyone been on the phone to IB about this and what was their response?

    unless someone managed to hack into their computer or there is an internal (security?) issue

    3) IB has offices around the world - someone should be able to get hold of someone.

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  9. I just got this too. It completely scared the shit out of me because I've never had a broker-related scam like this before.
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  10. kate


    I also got one of these but IB-Banking is currently closed. Have all the spyware, virus scans etc etc on my computer. I wonder if anyone here is also using SierraCharts because the password is embedded in there too?

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