is someone trading low volume stock ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sherdog, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. sherdog


    is someone of you playing at low volume stock ? For 2 months I try trading at stocks between 10k and 250k volume and I try find a big order and put my one before it. Do you think this style of trading can be profitable ?
  2. sprstpd


    How have you been doing with that strategy?
  3. sherdog


    I earn a little amout of money everyday but my shares traded is a small number (5000 shares traded a day...) so my manager give me more advices about this strategy and generally this strategy requires a many pendings in pending order and portfolio of many companies (sth about 150-200). Now im looking for more companies and from tommorow i will try to increase number of shares traded.
    I wonder if this makes sense because no one plays in this way except a people from my prop office and only a few of them can doing it with profit.

    p.s sry for my english i cannot type well ;-)
  4. sherdog


    Pretty good, I can earn some little amount of $$$ every day and after every few days my manager increase limit of shares per one company. But I still make not big turn-over and this strategy requires to many active pendings in pending order and big amout of company in portfolio. Now I'm looking for more companies in stock screeners and from tommorow i want to increase my "shares traded".
    I wonder if this makes sense in long-run because no one plays in this way except a people from my prop office and only a few people do it with profit. They helped me a lot about this strategy but it would be great if someone here trade in this way and we could talk about it.

    p.s sorry for my english I don't type very well ;)
  5. So does this mean that the bigger order knows more than you and must be right? Is this the idea?
  6. sherdog


    big order particularly orders on two or more levels are like support/resistance.