Is Socialism Better For Currency Value?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. America, the king of capitalism has its currency value in the dumpster.

    The Euro in Europe where socialism dominates is the currency de jour...

    So is socialism better for currency values?

  2. it all depends on the oligarchs' whims. if they want to destroy a currency... they do it. makes no difference whether they pretend to be capitalist.

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  3. My Gosh man, can't you speak and think for yourself? Why the need to follow a leader?

    Ron Paul says, Ron Paul says, Ron Paul says....


  4. i know zzzzenu... they can't all be so sophisticated like your gal hillary. i am sure she would give ole benny boy a severe spankie.

    honestly, can you ever see filth like hillary doing anything that even resembles integrity? i can't... her crimes are many. and barring a miracle she is toast.
  5. Complete dodge.

    The point was about your dependency on leaders to follow...and having to resort to youtube links to communicate...

    Can you even form an independent thought?

  6. did you even watch the video? i find it fascinating.... historic even. zzzZZZenu, history is being made and you cant recognize it. just 2 yrs ago the mere mention of the fed reserve being a private bank was scoffed at. to say anything negative about it was to be labeled anti-semitic. now we see the banking system imploding and you have one congressman with enough juevos to come out on the record and tell the truth.

    even communist bernie sanders gets his shots in occasionally, but thats about it. youtube allows us to focus on this dynamic and show the not so smart public what is going on..... maybe when they lose all their bobbles and trinkets they will want to know what happened and we can show them.

    who knows... maybe they will come to elitetrader and see what an idiot you were/are. don't laugh... they will one day... in the meantime just us hard core's will be laughing at you.... over and out ... nanu nanu.

  7. How Old are you?
  8. I can just imagine you at some coffee house. A discussion starts. Someone asks you a question. You say:

    "Hold on, let me go on the internet to see what Ron Paul says on youtube so that I can respond..."

  9. How Long have you been a homosexual?

  10. A very vulgar answer, You have a very strong inferiority complex.
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