Is silver going to sell off

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by lasner, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. lasner


    Does anyone think silver will sell off shortly. I think the market is way overbought. I think a corrective cycle should be coming, but when??

    Was wondering what anyone else thought?
  2. buzz


    If I new that I would be very rich. if you think its going to go down, buy it
  3. mizer


    Its going straight up son:cool:
  4. lasner


    No way. It may continue a rally but much of the buying is done for now. We should see some correction.

    Technically we've had five full waves of elliott wave. The price line has shot through the upper bollinger band.

    I realize that there is a ton of anticipation about the etf fund, but I just don't see it going much higher we'll realy see resistance at $12
  5. contango


    I think the whole metals complex is in the last final crazy 'every man and his dog' bull phase. It's the bubble of 05/06 and even China and India (the supposed drivers of all this) are bitching... Silver has been hyped up recently by very one-sided reporting from Ted Butler.
  6. good 5 o'clock dive...but then again...what do I know

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  7. hcking


    who knows where it is going - I just have buy stops working above the 12 handle - let it stop it out
  8. lasner


    I mean how much higher is this crap going to go!! The price of it has already tripled.
  9. I think it drops hard right after the silver ETF starts trading (just like Gold did).
  10. Is it southening Now?
    No Prices Here...
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