Is sex ever a motivation for you to work hard?

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  1. You know the best pussies in the world (the perfect 10 and up) are reserved for the filthy rich.
  2. They don't call it "filthy rich" for nothing.
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    "The perfect 10 and up"... good one. Wouldn't that make those poor 10's all too imperfect?

    Fun title question, but, you know, your premise is false. In general, the best pussies in the world are reserved for men who are not pussified. They - the women, not the men - can't help it.
  4. Honestly, I wake up in the morning and turn on some top notch porn and can't help but to get motivated.

    As long as you have a sense of humor, make 7-figures, and are sub 12% bodyfat you can have your pick of any woman out there. Most wealthy guys are too boring and nice, they think that just because they have money women flock to them. In some instances it's true, but overall women just want a man w/ a great sense of humor and a spine.

    If sex doesn't motivate you, you're gay...
  5. Exactly.
  6. I wonder if motivated gay people say the same thing about us straight folk.
  7. Wonder if gay people are more motivated. Who has time to drive to the airport every time you get a hard on.
  8. "Is sex...", occasionally.

    more often work is a motivation for hard sex.

    ps buy a mitsubishi eclipse.. chicks dig it
  9. Those of us in the know try to keep it to ourselves that the chick magnet of choice is the AMC Pacer:
  10. Why would you settle for anything less when you are filthy rich?
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