Is Saddam dead?

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  1. What is your opinion? If he is dead, how will the war play out differently from this moment forward? If he is not dead, how long will it take before he is dead?
  2. Nice poll Aphie... I would vote for either of option 1 or 2, cos I aint sure yet...
  3. So far, the highest ranking option is the first option... is it just wishful thinking? I hope not...
  4. How in the hell can anyone know if he's now dead or when (if) he will be? This poll makes no sense to me:confused:
  5. Of course we don't know, that's why we're giving an opinion. That's what polls are for -- opinions. If it was a fact, there would be no reason to have a poll!
  6. ...doesn't he have like 20 body doubles on the payroll?
  7. Babak


    Saddam seriously injured, Cabinet told
    By Sean Rayment and Colin Brown
    (Filed: 23/03/2003)

    Tony Blair's War Cabinet was told by intelligence chiefs yesterday that Saddam Hussein survived last week's cruise missile attack on his bunker in Baghdad, but sustained serious injury.

    The Telegraph has learned that ministers were told at a special 40-minute briefing that the Iraqi leader had been so badly wounded he needed a blood transfusion.

    British soldiers look down at a trench containing the bodies of two Iraqi soldiers with a white flag
    His son, Uday, is also thought to have been injured and may even have been killed. Some American officials also claimed yesterday that another of Saddam's relatives, Ali Hassan al-Majid - known as "Chemical Ali" for his involvement in the infamous 1988 Halabja chemical weapons attacks - had been killed
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    It doesn't look like they fooled anyone (maybe except some Iraqis, which is probably all they wanted to convince anyway) with the supposed live speech they aired this morning. He even praised one of the divisions that surrendered! At the very least he's seriously injured.
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    I think Saddam is in the Florida Keys.....everything ends up washing up on the beach:D :D I saw some flotsam that looked like him the other day:D :D
  10. Well go start shooting your gun into the water like the Iraqis were doing yesterday.
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