is ron paul toast?

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  1. Paul's explanation.

    Pressed recently about the contents of the Ron Paul Political Report, Ron Paul’s Freedom Report, the Ron Paul Survival Report and the Ron Paul Investment Letter, Paul has simply denied direct involvement.

    "I didn’t write them," he told CNN, when asked about the newsletter's racist descriptions of urban society and paranoid conspiracy theories about federal government. "I disavow them. That's it."

    But since Paul spoke to CNN, a number of old videos have surfaced showing him touting the newsletters that were being put out under his name.
    Why does anyone like Ron Paul?
    I’ve been trying to understand why smart people I know support Ron Paul and I just can’t get my head around it. I get the sense that maybe the Ron Paul People I know just don’t realize what Ron Paul’s all about. That or they just don’t care.

    The Ron Paul People I know are almost all straight, single, relatively young, non-religious, white men. Available demographics suggest that this is an accurate picture; there are others in Ron Paul’s camp, but it’s basically youngish white men.
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    I honestly don't get why you don't understand this. There are people in this country that are not voting for Bush or Obama because they like them, they are voting for Bush because they are a republican and they are voting for Obama because they are a democrat. With Ron Paul, they are voting for him because they are a libertarian. It's not like there is a libertarian primary where they can pick and choose between 10 different libertarians. Do you genuinely not understand this?
  3. Thats my exact description.I support Paul because I am anti war,anti military industrial complex,anti Federal Reserve,anti patriot act,anti airport molestation and anti drug war

    Paul might win Iowa and make the top 3 in NH but thats as far as he will go imo
  4. This is all the establishment has and it's a double edged sword at best. Paul has actually picked up support since the latest rehashing of the newsletter saga, so my question is why bother to continue to try something that has failed every single time its been tried? I guess the easy answer is they simply have no other avenue to attack.

    Paul is consistent in his views, adheres to his oath of office like no other, and is far and away the most conservative candidate.

    To answer your question people who are alert the the danger we face as Americans, from a runaway federal government, have no other choice. We have to back this man. If he was a liar and an adulterer I'd probably still back him just for his views. That his integrity is above reproach is a bonus. He is not a sell out to corporate America like Obama is, and that, plus his love of our most cherished liberties and the Constitution is why people back him. Every other candidate represents more of the same, more wars, more bailouts, more deficit spending. Ron Paul provides the only respite from the aforementioed, and America is figuring that out.

    Also, I think you are a bit off regarding the Paul tent. It's a big tent. He gets more minority support than Gingrich, Romney, et al and there is nothing about newsletters written decades ago that is going to change that. He is pulling in independents and disaffected liberals because Obama has betrayed them. Ron Paul is the most pro minority candidate because he wants to end the federal war on drugs (which has hurt minorities disproportionately). He has stated repeatedly that he would pardon all non violent drug offenders. Obama talked a good game while on the campaign trail and then turned up the heat on medical marijuana as per his agreement with big pharma no doubt.

    So, at the end of the day, the race card, played so often and so successfully, has been worn out. If anything, this may actually benefit Ron Paul because it taps into a very real vein of racism in America. Some rednecks might think he really is racist rednecks but just can't say it (this could explain the 5% bump he just got nationally).

    Oh, and just so you know, there is scientific research that suggests blacks run faster than whites (if sports doesn't elucidate that for you). It has to do with the center of gravity (which is also why whites tend to be better swimmers).
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    Ron Paul rising in polls this week and doing better than any previous presidential run - things are finally starting to get traction for his pro-Constitutional voting record.

    Ron Paul 2012! America's last chance to get it right!
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    Unfortunate fact for lefties - there is no country on earth that was ever developed and then perpetuated through socialism or liberalism ideals - none!

    They hate Ron Paul ideals because it will destroy most everything they have built through living off others work and productivity - harsh facts.
  7. How many liberatarians there are in Iowa? Why are they saying he is in first position in Iowa, if the shit you wrote were correct? Seriously Maverick: do you really think before you write?
  8. Paul builds campaign on doomsday scenarios

    WASHINGTON, Iowa (Reuters) - The man who might win the Republican Party's first presidential nominating contest fears that the United Nations may take control of the U.S. money supply.

    Non-partisan analysts say his economic proposals - drastic spending cuts, elimination of the Federal Reserve and a return to the gold standard - would plunge the country back into recession.

    "Paul appeals to people whose knowledge of major issues is superficial (and) he sees conspiracies where there are none," said Greg Valliere, chief political strategist at Potomac Research Group, an analysis firm. "If he does well in Iowa, which is likely, it will be an enormous embarrassment to the Republicans."

  9. a lot actually. liberatarians are very common amoung the rural state farmers even though they recieve big government subsidies. go figure.
  10. Beware what you wish for. Something tells me you do not want to see Ron Paul on a debate stage with Obama.
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