Is Ron Paul America's last hope for redemption?

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  1. I think so out of the whole gamete of clowns running for President. Rick Perry is not conservative enough.
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    Do we even have any "hope" left?
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    Some of Paul's opinions

    Federal ban on abortions
    The federal government should not play any role in the abortion issue, according to the

    Roe v. Wade
    “Although the real problem lies within the hearts and minds of the people,the legal problems of
    protecting life stem from the ill-advised Roe v. Wade ruling, a ruling that constitutionally should
    never have occurred ... Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, but not because the Supreme Court presumed
    to legalize abortion rather than ban it. Roe was wrongly decided because abortion simply is not a
    constitutional issue.”

    Planned Parenthood
    Voted in favor of the Pence Amendment (H.R 217, amendment of the Public Health Service Act), which
    is a bill designed to ban all federal funding for Planned Parenthood and eliminating the fiercely
    criticized Title X program), 18 February 2011

    Embryonic stem cell research
    Qualified yes

    Paul on Afghanistan
    Paul believes in an immediate withdrawal of our forces from Afghanistan

    Paul on the Budget

    • Ron Paul believes that nations and empires inevitably end due to financial reasons.

    • He believes that the U.S. should live within its means and pay down the deficit.

    • Paul think that the longer the government delays the true depth of the recession, the worse it
    will be.

    • He would give up the American empire to reduce debt without sacrifice.

    • He thinks spending should be based on the Constitution. If all spending had to be justified by
    the Constitution our spending would be drastically reduced.

    • He says we cannot afford the wars in the Middle East.

    • He says that we’ve come to accept debt and we shouldn’t; we should strive to get the country
    out of debt and never spend more than we take in.

    • He does not believe that government should bail out private enterprise nor seek to control it.
    Such acts have ruined our budget.

    • Ron Paul supports a Balanced Budget Amendment and on-budget accounting.

    Paul on Business & Labor

    • Ron Paul believes that inflation is caused by big business’ demand for easy money.

    • We would not let shareholders vote on executive compensation.

    • We should replace illegal export tax breaks with $140B in new breaks.

    He would overhaul bankruptcy laws to require at least partial debt payment.

    • He thinks labor should have the right to organize but there should be no specific benefits for

    • He thinks that the minimum wage limits opportunities.

    • He believes that unemployment benefits should stay at 39 weeks and that extending them
    encourages people to remain jobless.
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    • Ron Paul opposes the death penalty.

    • He thinks a lot of mistakes have been made in prosecutions and innocent people have been killed

    • He supports alternative sentences instead of more prisons.

    • He thinks the death penalty is unjust - if you’re rich you get away and if you’re poor
    you’re more likely to be convicted and killed.

    • Paul says the death penalty is unfair because its enforcement is uneven.

    • Ron Paul believes that trade with China should not be tied to human rights.

    • He would not fund nuclear plants in China.

    • Paul thinks the government should stay out of the gay and lesbian agenda.

    • There should be no immigrant ID fearing it will lead to a national ID card which is part of a
    fear-based government.

    • There should be no affirmative action for any group.

    • He would restore habeas corpus saying rights belong to people and not groups.

    • He believes the PATRIOT act should not be made permanent.

    • He voted yes on protecting Pledge of Allegiance.

    • He voted against federal funding for gay adoptions.

    • He thinks preferential treatment based on race should not be allowed in college admissions.

    • He does not believe that the war on terror should be used to curtail civil liberties.

    • Paul believes that liberty promotes peace which promotes prosperity.

    • Washington should not be able to dictate personal behavior.

    • Congress should not write laws regarding church and state - the separation of church and state
    has no basis in the text of the Constitution nor in the writings of the founding fathers.

    • He thinks government hostility to religion is wrong. The first amendment only forbids the
    creation of an official state religion and was not meant to drive religion out of public life.

    • He thinks personal prayer should be allowed in schools but not required.

    • He thinks that freedom of speech includes the internet and it should not be regulated or taxed.

    • Ron Paul believes that eminent domain should be illegal.

    • Ron Paul believes that travel to Cuba should not be curtailed.

    • He thinks that the U.S. should end the embargo on Cuba as it has done no good and stifles

    • Ron Paul believes that our deficit will be our downfall.

    • He believes that we must start paying off our debt with drastic reductions in spending.

    • He has said that reducing the size of government will help reduce our deficit.

    • Paul thinks that borrowing from foreign countries gives them power over us and it should be

    • We would not have to borrow money and run a deficit if we spent within or below our means.


    “We have to stop the spending. We have to bring our budget under control. We can't raise taxes
    to cut the deficit. We have to cut spending. Of course, where I want to cut spending might not be
    where you would like to cut spending. But I want to cut spending overseas. I don’t think we can
    maintain our empire. And we can get control of our budget mainly for political reason as much as
    anything else because you can't go after healthcare here in this country and say you're gonna
    balance the budget.

    … The country is technically bankrupt and if you and I were in business, I guess we would have to
    declare bankruptcy. Government print money so they can get away with it. But we are insolvent, the
    debt will never be paid for. That's a hard thing to accept, but you can’t pay for this debt. But
    the debt will be liquidated, the market always liquidate debt, governments always liquidate debt by
    destroying the currency. They pay off their debt with bad money and that's what we're in the process
    of doing. We took the bad debts of the bank and we dumped it on the American taxpayers deliberately,
    so it’s a transfer of wealth right now.”

    • Ron Paul thinks that shutting down the Department of Education will improve the quality of
    education. He wouldn't dismantle public schools but would encourage homeschooling and private
    schools with tax write-offs.

    • He believes that black and hispanic colleges should not get special funding.

    • Paul voted yes on vouchers for private and parochial schools.

    • He would support a Constitutional amendment that allows voluntary school prayer.
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    • Ron Paul believes that the government contributes to our energy woes and that government should
    stay out of the energy business.

    • He supports drilling in ANWR and that we should use our own natural resources to be energy

    • To achieve energy independence, Paul says we need to build new oil refineries, cut government
    subsidies and repeal the gas tax.

    The Second Amendment: Individual or Collective Right?

    Paul probably has the most unrivalled record among all the 2012 presidential candidates for his
    advocacy of the Second Amendment for individuals. In 2007, Paul introduced the H.R. 1096: Second
    Amendment Protection Act of 2007 in Congress.

    Paul opposes any attempts by the government to 'disarm' the citizenry. This is one of the many
    quotes he has made over the years concerning the issue.
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    Yes, we do. Unfortunately, if you are a gov't hack on anyone who parasitically depends on the US gov't, your future is dim. Inertia is taking over and law of unintended consequences will see to it.
  7. Many liberals would vote for him so why wont the GOP nominate the guy :confused:
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    Rumor has it they have to have the primaries first dopey.
  9. Ron has been in GOP primaries in the past dopey.He hasn't won primaries in the past and looks like he wont win in 2012 either
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    Despite all those "liberals willing to vote for him"?
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