Is Ron Paul a republican mind game

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    think about this for a moment

    you know how Ron Paul says things that make sense to people who have little brain left in today's society

    but wait a minute, could it be that republicans created one guy like this to confuse the people in coming elections, to prevent next voting from being completely one sided

    hmm....... I wonder

    Haroki needs to give input on this considering he is expert in republican mind games and 9/11 :p :p
  2. No the problem is that everybody has shifted left in this country. The Democrats have moved to socialism, the GOP has shifted from middle-right to middle-left.

    Ron Paul represents true, old school conservatism. Small government, non-intervention. Keeping the government out of our houses. It's amazing these bills that are passing recently.

    Homegrown terrorist act totally side-steps the constitution and you can't argue the constitutionality of it because that is written in the bill.

    Really, a "terrorist" is someone that doesn't believe in what you believe in. The Colonists action of the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act and we celebrate it. In the Civil War the Union torched the earth in Georgia and killed innocent Southerners and it was needed to end the war yet it was an act of terror.

    We dropped two bombs on civilians in Japan, that is an act of terror to force the Japanese to surrender.

    Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder and its really scary when the government says its gonna start going after terrorists because who are terrorists?

    First amendment allows for peaceful assembly but what if their views are opposite of the governments? Now they are terrorists and can be arrested.

    It's really disturbing to see where this country is heading and this is exactly what bin Laden wanted. He is bankrupting the country, the government is turning against its citizens, we are cannibalizing ourselves much to the delight many.
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  4. I watched zeitgeist. I've had a few beers so there was a little rambling involved. All I know is that this country is seriously going in the wrong direction and its scary to see.

    The media is trying to push the great liberal Huckabee now. It's disgusting.
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    I just love it when Ron P says

    WE NEED to take care of our own citizens NOT spend on building roads and bridges for some other far flung nation

    in other words bring our soldiers home and tell isreal to go F itself

    seriously what the F does isreal want more, we gave them NUKES

    what more do they want........oh that's right, our blood
  6. Well the Israeli lobby is the most powerful in Washington. People don't like RP because he wants to shrink government and that means people's fund will be reduced or eliminated and everyone asks the government "what can you do for me?" so therefore they are afraid of him.

    The government is not supposed to be moral or judgmental. It's supposed to leave us the F alone and not meddle in other countries. NO ONE is this country would like if we have foreign forces occupying our lands. It's really that simple.
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    All you have to do is look at his record and actually do some research and you will find the answer. Watching T.V. will get you nothing but a load of #$&*!

  8. No, we did not, France helped Israel build nukes.
    Oh, and it's Israel, not Isreal.

    You just need right information, maybe then you will have potential. Without right information you're just another clueless anonymous moron spewing nonsense on the internets.

    You mean if you have little brain left then what Ron Paul says makes sense to you, right? I tend to agree. :D
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    get real moron, you think Israel would get nukes without US thumbs up

    and Yes Ron Paul is 100 better man than you, he has guts to say it like it is

    let me guess you voted bush you fool
  10. doodoo is a Huckabee man !!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO damn thats funny.
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