Is rollover this Thursday?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by high99, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. high99


    Changing over to the December contract
    begins in earnest this Thursday, correct?
    Also, the symbol will change from "U"
    to what?
  2. The last trading for emini futures is 9/20. Rollover begins on 9/13.
  3. high99


    Isn't it the Thursday preceding the 2nd Friday of the month, for rollover?
    That's when the volume switches over
    to the next contract?
  4. rs7


    Symbol for Dec. is "Z"
    The time to watch Dec is whenever there is more open interest than in the Sept. contracts.

    Other expirations for Index contracts are:
    March which is "H" and June which is "M"
  5. rickty


    Re: When to rollover to the next month's contract.
    The S&P futures expire the 3rd Friday of the month in March, June, Sept,and Dec. The day before the 2nd Friday of the month (Thursday) is the day the new contract begins to trade actively. This will usually be the 2nd Thursday of the month, but could be the 1st Thursday of the month if the first day of the month is a Friday - thus I say the day before the 2nd Friday of the month. ( Also ES, NQ etc.)

    This is from:
  6. just as a side note, 9/20 is also triple witching.
  7. I usually go for a movie matinee and enjoy a coffee on a sunny terrace on tripple witching Friday. :p

    Cheers !!! :cool: