Is Roger Clemens lying his ass off?

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Is Roger Clemens lying his ass off?

  1. Yes, he's clearly lying

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  2. No, he's being honest.

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  3. I'm not sure whether he's lying or not.

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  4. I'm not following Clemens' testemony, so I don't know.

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  5. Steroids/Cheating in Baseball? I couldn't give two shits about this entire non-issue.

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  1. Congress shouldn't be meddling with this issue, but Roger Clemens still shouldn't be lying his ass off to Congress, either.

    The ONLY possible way all these people would come forward to falsely accuse Clemens, would be if they had decided to set him up.
    However, Clemens isn't claiming any such thing. Instead, he's saying his accusers are 'fine gentlemen' and 'good friends' who 'mis-recall the events'. Bullshit alarm!
  2. There is what I believe to be a fairly simple test to determine the likelihood that someone took serious performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids, either very recently, or in the more distant past. If the subject has somewhat enlarged and very well defined trapezius muscles, then I would conclude that he or she probably took the juice at one time or another.

    For years I worked out at a gym that had its share of seriously muscled people, both men and women. (I left a while back because they began playing primarily rap music in earnest, which I do not tolerate very well.) ALL of the seriously muscled people had accentuated traps, including the ones who were either scrawny or overweight only a few months earlier and began to develop remarkably quickly in a very short period of time. On the other hand, there were those who worked out hard, who were in very good shape and had never developed the trapezius tell. I suppose someone can claim genetics, but I beg to differ. Anyone who suddenly started getting seriously big almost out of nowhere, women included, got the traps as well. Not one of the heavily muscled people was without them, irrespective of their body type, be it ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. The traps were a constant among the heavily muscled and those who suddenly gained some muscle really fast following a longer period of unremarkable growth. Draw your own conclusions.

    One interesting example is someone who trained there who told me that he had been a competitive weightlifter (not bodybuilder) in his youth in the Czech Republic. He's about my age presently, approaching 50. He's not nearly as fit now, and you couldn't readily tell that he ever took steroids with the loose clothing that he wears at the gym. But one day in the locker room, when he took his shirt off, despite the fact that the rest of his physique was no longer that of a weightlifter, I noted that he still had the traps.

    I could be wrong. Don't take my word for it. Just look at every single sports athlete who has been charged with steroid use and judge for yourself. Remember Ben Johnson, the Canadian sprinter in the 1988 Olympics who broke a world record but was then stripped of his medal because it was discovered he took steroids? Have you seen his traps?

    The "trap test" may not be as definitive as a medical test, but it is highly suggestive and may point to at least the distinct possibility of past usage.
  3. why should 'traps' be a marker for steroid use over any other muscle.. biceps? pecs? lats?? a rational theory would have to answer this Q. what, do steroids go right to your traps? LOL :D
  4. Clemens is lying.

    He is also a mowron.

    In his testimony today, he claimed that steroids and other performance enhancing drugs did not improve performance on the field.

    The biggest use of these drugs by prescription is to shorten recovery time from injury or muscle fatigue, etc.

    This is why pitchers were/are taking the stuff. If you are not on the field, you can't they not only enhance the ability to perform, but they increase muscle strength, leg strength, etc.

    Baseball players are legendary for cheating, it is part of the culture of the sport. To think that these athletes wouldn't cheat via use of drugs is ridiculous....

    I am surprised the name of Kevin Brown has not come up yet, that dude was juiced big time.
  5. It is clear that anyone who qualifies as a competitive bodybuilder today invariably takes steroids or some such. However, there are those users who only dabble. The traps are evident even on them. However, the "dabbler" may not necessarily have other outsized muscles. His lats, pecs, delts and so on may not necessarily give him away because he has not taken a lot of steroids or has not done so over a lengthier period of time. However, the traps pop up with steroid use almost immediately. Now go ahead and try to get that kind of trap development without steroids or such. I don't think it can be done.

    Frankly, I thought my previous post was sufficiently clear.
  6. Just check out the traps on Mark McGuire.
  7. No, no, no. Those are the product of vitamins and yoga.
  8. I have trained for over twenty years (100% natural), and, yes, I noticed the same. I would say not just traps, but all of the upper back, esp between the shoulder blades. I would add blocky waist (firm, but bloated) is another sign.

    In terms of physique I have always had broad shoulders, chest, and a great upper body, except for upper back. Never able to develop traps, even with 300 lb shoulder shrugs.
  9. Depends on the individual, I can get my traps big with heavy shrugs. Never could get big forearms or biceps though. If a guy is taking steroids and isn't working out his traps why would should they get that much bigger?
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    I think he is lying, but I dont care really either. Its a bunch of BS that Congress has seen fit to get involved with baseball. When I watch baseball I want to see someone throw the ball hard, and I want to see Homeruns. If its just a game of RBI's I will fall asleep. If they want to take steroids so they can throw faster, hit further I say more power to them.
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