Is "Rodney King" also Surf?

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  1. Is "Rodney King" also Surf? Wayne Gibbous thought so in a response that followed this one...

    Rodney King

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    Quote from Wayne Gibbous:
    Ah yes - the Niederhoffer Method: ... 4. Become a hero to slobbering schlubs like 'Surfer ...

    Haven't you already flamed VN and Surf on several other threads? "Asked and answered, counselor..."... Sheesh, get a life already.
  2. Hello


    That would explain his infatuation with coming here to be abused by authority. :)
  3. according to another thread, he took on your alias. and given that his other aliases asked similar questions, then it is probably even more true
  4. Lucrum


    Rumor has it he was brutally raped by a runaway bull elephant that had over dosed on Viagra.
  5. A general rule of thumb re Surfer spotting is that anybody defending him is either:

    - Yet another 'surfer alias, or

    - A VERY new to ET member, or

    - A stunningly naive Daily Spec member, or

    - A soon-to-be DG ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, etc.

    j/k Surfy. You know we luv ya!!! :D
  6. Speak for yourself.

  7. defending him, asking "has anyone seen surf?", asking "why isn't surf posting anymore", etc.
  8. Is he still selling those "market surfer" coffee mugs? :D That guy was absolutely shameless :p That being the case, maybe I missed something, but I really don't understand all of the widespread disdain for him. Sure he was shameless, but at least he was honest. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks...
  9. He was an unparalleled genius.
  10. Yes and Fifty Cent is a saint.
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